New Zealand Jab Injury – Elizabeth, From New Zealand

By Jab Injuries Global

Elizabeth, New Zealand

This is my story: I had to get the vaccine on November 15th, 2021 so I got it. Within ten minutes of getting it, I had adverse events happening. The guy who got the same batch after I was on the floor — a fit young guy. I saw spots, dizzy, and the metal taste in my mouth was like I was holding money in there. The pharmacist after fifteen minutes told me I can go. I struggled to the car, telling her I didn’t want to be there anymore. The guy was still on the ground.

I sat in my car trying to gather the courage to drive the car. The next two days are a blur. I remember the pain in the vaccine arm (my left arm), bubbles running up and down my left arm to my index finger. The vision changes, headache on the crown of my head, diarrhea, three blood noses in a space of an hour, the metal taste, and sleeping through all the pain.

Day three I was struggling to breathe. Not wheezy as I am an asthmatic. I went to the GP and they sent me straight to the hospital. I got sent to the jab injured room all by myself. It was freezing. It’s an isolation room. Apparently, all tests were normal except I was taking photos and videos of what I could. Apparently normal blood pressure. I have photos that this wasn’t correct. I have photos of my d-Dimer was 405 and apparently the closer to zero, the better. They sent me home with panadol. I was still struggling to breathe and as a hospital, they apparently didn’t claim the form I needed to be lodged for vaccine injury so I printed it out once I got home before getting it to my GP, who filled it out, and lodged it to MOH and medsafe. It will apparently take six to nine months to even read it. Work was very supportive and paid me while I was off.

Day six was the strangest period I have ever had. The weirdest time, consistency, and the colour etc.

I got the vaccine to work and I have only managed about three to five hours a week. I have to sleep during the day now, metal taste worst in the morning and night, crown headache with throbbing behind my eyes, always yellow diaeorrea, and neck pain is always there. I’m wearing my prescription sunglasses a lot. It helps. I’m also taking vitamin C, D, magnesium etc…all the good stuff. I am thirty-seven, a mum of three boys under the age of seven, and like hell I would ever put this muck into their body. If they got it and went through what I am, I couldn’t live with myself. I am vaccine injured and this is my truth.

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