New Zealand Jab Injury – Heytilxh, From New Zealand

By Jab Injuries Global

I am a twenty-eight-year-old male. Fit and healthy. I’m training every day, always active playing sports, eating good with odd cheat meal here and there. My job is physical, which is perfect, and in a safe, supportive environment. I have no health problems other than asthma, which I’ve had since I was a baby. I’ve completed many health and fitness tests through the medical centre and all results have come back great.

I’ve never taken any painkillers if I feel under the weather or resulted to pharmaceutical medication if I feel something isn’t right with my body. I like to think I know my body very well.

For the last year I’ve been trying to get back home to my family in New Zealand, which had put a lot of stress on myself during these ridiculous times. As you may be aware, the MIQ lottery system between Australia and New Zealand has provided false hope for thousands of Kiwi’s and Aussies trying to reunite themselves with loved ones. As we can see, the Australian and New Zealand governments are unpredictable and forever changing the rules.

Throughout the whole of 2021, I looked for the advice surrounding the safety of the vaccine and learning from friends and families experience after taking the vaccine. This whole time I haven’t felt comfortable with the idea of taking something like this in order to protect myself from a virus. With all the information I received, I still felt like there was something missing.

After the latest news regarding Kiwi’s in Australia will be locked out of the latest MIQ lottery system, that was the final straw. Hearing that sort of news was a shock. My whole life flashed before my eyes. The only thought I had was: “I’m not going to see my family again! I’m going to be stuck here in Australia and not be able to leave without getting the vaccine.”

Due to the pressure of work and the stress of not being able to see my family, I had no choice but to book myself in for my first vaccination. I can confidently say that I was scared shitless!

Friday January 7th 2022, the nurse/doctor made me feel scum as I wasn’t wearing a mask even though I told her wearing a mask aggravates my asthma. She still made me sit at the front door away from everyone else who was receiving the vaccine.

I was called into receive my first Pfizer vaccination. I asked the nurse/doctor: “Can you please tell me if this is safe and if you have experienced anyone having a reaction to the vaccine?” She responded with: “You’ll be fine.” To tell you the truth, it made me feel a little bit of comfort. Moments later, everything is done and now I’m waiting outside for the required fifteen minutes as per usual.

Within moments, I started to feel dizzy. I started sweating to the point sweat was dripping from my chin onto the floor. My arms were wet as if I had just been swimming all while I was struggling to string a sentence together. I remember a young lady beside me asking if I was okay while she quickly ran to get a nurse. I was placed into a private room to rest for a further one and a half hours and being monitored every fifteen minutes.

For two days after the vaccine, I felt fine. I had heart palpitations but didn’t think anything of it. I relaxed around the house and rested as instructed.

On Monday January 10th 2022, I woke up feeling completely out of whack. I woke up to my legs tingling, my heart rate was high but again I thought that was normal. I also was experiencing shortness of breath where I could feel minor chest pains. Once I got downstairs to head off to work, I started to sweat again but this sweat was intense, almost like I had stood under a shower in my work clothes.

While I was at work, things started to get really bad! I hadn’t even started the day. My heart was beating so hard I was getting head spins. Again, I thought this was normal after the vaccine so I carried on as per usual. Within moments, my legs began to shake! My legs looked like electric shocks were bing sent through them. All my muscles were moving in all directions, which made me sit down until they stopped doing their thing.

A few hours later, I’m walking down the street from the job site. I hadn’t even made it two hundred metres down the road and my heart was racing bad! I tried to contact my doctor but could only talk to him without an appointment being booked. I resulted in contacting a friend in New Zealand who is a nurse. They started to ask me basic questions on what I’m feeling and she asked me to tak my pulse, which I’d done — seventy beats within thirty seconds at that moment in time. She blankly said to contact the ambulance! While I was getting help with an ambulance, I had to be seated at a restaurant table as my legs began to shake violently. While this is happening, I began to lose my breath again with sharp pains in my chest.

About an hour late, I’m in the hospital being assessed. I would have had a total of six nurses working on me along with two doctor’s. Each time I asked them: “Is this common for people to be coming in post vaccination?” The response was palmed off or ignored!

When I called the nurses in to watch my legs violently shake they told me: “Legs usually shake when you do excessive exercise.” This seriously fucked me off. I could see in some of the nurses eyes that they had no clue what was going on!

When they saw my hear rate on the monitor beating at 124bpm, they said: “Your heart rate is high because you may have had pre-workout or may have been experiencing a minor heart attack.” This here made me feel like I wasn’t being heard at all! I tried to explain every little feeling I was having. Every time I spoke, it felt like they had already made up their minds on what they were gonna say.

The worst feeling of it all was when the doctor told me everything I’m feeling is “in my head.” It hit me so hard considering they can see my high heart rate. They can see me struggling to breathe and the violent shakes in my legs.

A few hours later, I go in to get my heart scan. I quickly asked the gentle men who was pushing my bed if what I’m experiencing is normal and if he had seen many people come into the emergency department for the same reasons. Without telling me, he looked at me with a look of sadness, which I believe was him saying yes! This made me upset. Trying to hold back the tears of accepting the fact that I’ve really stuffed up here by getting the vaccine. Everything became so real. It’s clear I’m not going to get any answers, and I’m being silenced.

Once I was put back into my ward, a nurse came in to take another blood sample. I practically begged her to give me clarity on what I’m feeling isn’t normal and that if she sees many others like me coming in here experiencing the same reactions post-vaccination. Throughout my whole experience being in hospital, this nurse showed true emotion. Through her mask and protective eyewear, she started to tear up. She pulled herself together and changed the subject. A few days later, I am out of the hospital. My arms shake and twitch uncontrollably! I still struggle to do simple household things like walk upstairs. I can’t lay down on my back because it aggravates my chest pains and increases my heart rate. I now get the sharpest pains in my arms and neck. All while this is happening, I’m in regular communication with other “healthcare professionals” and they continually say: “This is normal after the vaccine for people your age.” On top of all this, I’ve been told that I’ll be fine to get the second vaccination.

Please be careful. I understand you may be backed into a corner, but please be careful!

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