New Zealand Jab Injury – Kurtis, From New Zealand

By Jab Injuries Global

Kurtis, New Zealand

Disclaimer, I am not against or for anyone who has/has not gotten the vaccine. Getting this is your decision I just feel the need to speak out because the media isn’t — but as some of you know. I’ve been experiencing heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain, and heartburn since my second jab. There have been loads of write ups about men under thirty being diagnosed with things such as myocarditis, pericarditis, and more (all issues to do with the heart). Please research, learn, and read about the Pfizer vaccine and get in touch with NZDSOS (New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science). These are all registered doctors who lost their jobs as they did their time with immunologists etc. and did not get the vaccine, resulting in termination of their employment. I was once healthy as and was all for this vaccine.

My story: a few weeks ago, I went to visit my GP due to my symptoms. I was there for six minutes when all I was told was: “you probably have anxiety but go have a blood test.” I got my blood test that day. The results came back the next day through my ManageMyHealth app. I still to this date haven’t heard from my GP about the results. Fast forward to Friday December 3rd 2021 at 2:35am. I rang Healthline as I had no idea what to do due to my increased heart-rate, pain, and breathing. An ambulance came to my place where my heart rate was going 176bpm (meant to be between 80-100). I was then given morphine and taken straight to hospital where I waited six hours to be seen. During this time, my mate faceted me where they were in Wellington Hospital with the exact same problems. Never was I asked when I was vaccinated, if I was vaccinated, and when my last vaccine was — in fact, there was nothing about COVID-19 related brought up. I had four blood tests, troponin, d-dimer tests, and a chest x-ray done. I then was discharged and told to buy Mylanta (medication for indigestion, even though I didn’t go to hospital with indigestion). The next day at 2pm, I was back in the emergency department with even worse pain again. An awesome as doctor this time asked straight up: “When were you vaccinated and when was your last vaccination?” They said: “There’s been a massive spike in younger people around your age with these symptoms.” She then took me straight for an ultrasound.

Please, if you have any of these and think: “It’ll go away” like I did, go straight to the emergency department. Doctor’s from NZDSOS have proven doctors are being told not to report reactions or give other people advice on other options. They’re only allowed to speak positively about the vaccine. Our health system is corrupt and shady and won’t release the truth because the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Arden gets paid for every vaccine administered as soon as she signed her contract with Pfizer — there are so many people going in with adverse reactions (of similar symptoms) and the media say “these are rare”…?

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