No Doubt About It: The COVID Vaccines CAUSE Dementia


There is NFW that you can have a 1,000X increase in event reports if the COVID vaccine isn’t causing this. The CDC simply “forgot” to warn people about it.

This is a query over all vaccines in VAERS for the last 30 years. It took me about 10 seconds to do this query:

VAERS query over the entire history of VAERS. Only one vaccine causes dementia.

The results are self-explanatory: the COVID vaccines cause dementia.

Anyone who tells you “correlation isn’t causation” should explain the actual cause of this if it wasn’t the COVID vaccine.

I can’t get a debate on this with anyone. They just don’t want to talk about it.

The mainstream media is just never going to cover it.

Causation criteria

All five Bradford Hill criteria are satisfied here. If you disagree, point out which criteria is not in the comments.

If you think VAERS can’t provide evidence of causality, read this article: “If you think VAERS can’t be used to determine causality…”


The 1,000X is calculated relative to the average vaccine, not against all vaccines in history combined. Note that many of these vaccines have FAR more doses than the COVID vaccine. If we took that into account, the difference would be more extreme.

Gaslighting techniques

The community notes on X will claim anyone can report to VAERS. That’s right.

It’s a FEDERAL CRIME to make a false VAERS report. So why would anyone do that?

Also, the claim that everything is elevated because so many people got these shots is BS as well since billions of people got the flu shots.

Here’s an example of something that the COVID vaccines do NOT cause and as you can see, the COVID vaccine counts are NOT elevated:

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