Paralysis, Cardiac Arrest, Death – All of These Are Adverse Reactions to the BS-19 Vax Suffered by Infants As Young as Two-Months-Old

By COVID Global News

They’re coming for the children. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has issued advice to Sajid Javid’s Department of Health and Social Care, stating that children with disabilities should be offered a Covid-19 vaccine, despite the fact real world data shows that children as young as two-months-old in the USA have suffered paralysis, cardiac arrest and death after being given one of the experimental jabs.

The JCVI said in a statement issued on the 19th July 2021 that “children aged 12 to 15 with severe neuro-disabilities, Down’s syndrome, immunosuppression and multiple or severe learning disabilities, should be offered the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA Covid vaccine.

They have also recommended that “children and young people aged 12 to 17 who live with an immunosuppressed person should be offered the vaccine”. The reason the JCVI give for this is that “immunosuppressed household contacts, who are at higher risk of serious disease from COVID-19 may not generate a full immune response to vaccination.” therefore in their opinion this will indirectly protect them.

Perhaps the JCVI aren’t aware that the Covid-19 vaccines have not been proven to prevent infection or transmission?

But they are aware that real-world data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in children is limited, and they are also aware that the Pfizer vaccine and Moderna vaccine are causing myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the membrane around the heart) in younger adults; they say as such in their statement.

They’re also aware that all children and young people are at very low risk from Covid-19. Symptoms, and they know that fewer than 30 children have died because of Covid-19 in the UK since March 2020, all of them having severe underlying conditions which were the probably cause of death rather than the alleged Covid-19.

So why are the JCVI recommending the Pfizer Covid-19 jab is given to children with disabilities and learning difficulties when they are fully aware of the above? These vulnerable children will be used as part of a real-world experiment to determine whether the Covid-19 vaccine should be offered to all children, they are being treated in essence as sacrificial lambs. That is evident from the fact that the JCVI recommend children with learning difficulties should be offered the jab.

Office for National Statistics data shows that people with learning difficulties were allegedly disproportionally affected by Covid-19 in 2020. The ONS concluded that the risk of death involving Covid-19 was 3.7 times greater for both men and women with learning disabilities compared with men and women who did not have a learning disability.

The question is why? Are we really to believe that because someone has a learning disability, they are more susceptible to suffering serious disease if they catch a virus? Does a learning disability mean that their immune systems do not work? This statistic alone should be enough to ring alarm bells in any person’s head.

The ONS stated in their summary of the data that ‘no single factor explains the considerably raised risk of death involving COVID-19 among disabled people‘.

But in relation to deaths of people with learning difficulties the ONS said – ‘the largest effect was associated with living in a care home or other communal establishment.

That’s the real reason people with learning disabilities had a 3.7 times greater risk of death involving Covid-19. Except it wasn’t Covid-19 that killed them, it was the DNR order placed on them in care homes at the first sign of illness, the refusal of medical treatment, the withdrawal of existing medication, the overdosing of midazolam and morphine, and the lack of food and water leading to starvation and dehydration. That’s what really killed them.

Now the JCVI has recommended they are thrown to the wolves again; that is evident from the adverse reactions being reported to the Covid-19 vaccines in the USA. adverse reactions that are being suffered by children as young as two-months old.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, the US version of the UK’s Yellow Card scheme has received hundreds of thousands of reports of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines. One of which was suffered by a one-year-old female after she had been given the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

The one-year old toddler was given a single dose of the Pfizer jab on the 19th January 2021, despite the fact it has not been authorised for use in children of this age.

The report, which was made by a doctor, and can be found under VAERS ID 1012508, states that the one-year-old was fit and well prior to having the vaccine and had no previous concerns. However, a day later the toddler developed postauricular pain which then progressed to full left sided Bell’s palsy – a condition for which there is no known cure, and which causes weakness and paralysis of the facial muscles on one side of the face.

At the time the report was made, on the 7th February 2021, the doctor stated that the toddler had not recovered.

Another adverse reaction reported to VAERS was suffered by a two-month-old male, and was again due to the Pfizer vaccine.

The report, found under VAERS ID 1015467, was made by a doctor and states that the baby was given a dose of the Pfizer jab on the 2nd February 2021. The doctor states that it is “unknown whether they were enrolled in the clinical trial”.

Just over an hour after being given the jab the two-month-old returned to the clinic and was clammy, had cold skin, and was suffering chest pain. Unfortunately, the baby then suffered cardiac arrest.

The doctor making the report states the baby was stabilised and transferred for further medical treatment, but that they did not know the outcome of the event and no follow-up attempts were possible.

Another adverse reaction reported to VAERS was suffered by a one-year-old male, this time due to the Moderna mRNA vaccine.

The infant was given the Moderna jab on the 8th April 2021 according to the report found under VAERS ID 1261766.

Two days later, on the 10th April the infant’s body temperature increased and they suffered a seizure.

The one-year-old infant sadly died.

They’re coming for your children. Need we say anymore