Pharma Owned Fraudulent Medical System, Has Parents Lethally Injecting Their Kids – That’s Some Serious Brainwashing

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

We don’t even need to say we told you so. Maybe when these id**t Politicians lose people they love from the “safe, effective and necessary “quackzinne’s, just maybe they just may wake up – or still push more Bs that they are sick from BS19, when we all know what made them sick – ignorance and blind faith in Politicians, and a Pharma owned fraudulent medical system, has parents lethally injecting their kids – that’s some serious brainwashing – it should have been much harder to get people to “committ suicide, then it has been.” Most humans sadly aren’t worth saving – they fight you so hard for their right to what “inject a lethal experimental drug to die“. (