Professional Mounting Biker Kyle Warner Breaks Down Over His Jibjab Injury

By Andrew Rhodes

Professional mounting biker Kyle Warner breaks down over his jibjab injury.


Here’s what others had to say:

Heather McDowell
Hey sir, I don’t know you. I really respect the fact despite the pain your going through both physically and emotionally/
That you still made this post..I respect that alone and knowing and seeing/ and hearing the stories about those that have gotten this jab.
Well sir, if you see this comment reach out to me.
Bc I was in a horrible car wreck in 2003. And while this isn’t the same. I was beyond messed up. I have a traumatic brain injury. I had to relearn everything. Walking and talking. It took many years. And really no one can know what that is like. It’s so defeating. But im here to tell you after many tears I did regain a lot of my abilities. I do understand. I went through years of many different therapies.
I can’t understand onto of this what it would be like to receive that kind of negativity and hatred.
However never give up.
Bc think about the other people in your position or about to be.
You very well may help so many.
PM if you want. So much I want to say. Possibly even give advice or tips when it came to myself. I literally was so slow in my speech. I was unintelligible. So pls reach out if you want . Perhaps, you never know what or whom can help you.
Above all I pray you continue to help. Goodluck

Donald Pilon
Hey Kyle! Listen brother, you are a very brave Warrior to say the least! Please hang in there dear friend. Take a load off. Rest up. You’ve been through a lot. Focus your mind on the things that have given you so much joy and passion. Come away from the battle for a bit. Every honest person can see your good and loving heart. You are a VERY good man! God sincerely bless you. Praying for you!!

Lesley Mccaw
You have been so instrumental in raising awareness. Do not underestimate the power behind you story. There are many that will fight on your behalf now its time for you to FOCUS ON YOU. Sit in the slow lane, be rest assured there are many of us that are grateful to you for sharing. I dont want you to do anything other than look after yourself PLEASE. There are good people in this world that will pursue this on behalf of you and other injured parties. You are a very courageous young man. But you must now look after you.

Hannah Ford
Hang in there! People are supportive, unfortunately some have cognitive dissonance and refuse to believe injuries happen. The be kind message seems long forgotten!

Lori Ferci
Stay strong, the truth shall set you free.

Derek Finch
This man is very deeply depressed, I would say to him be who you are and do not do anything silly in your life. It is worth so much more and we need people like you who speak the truth and are honest and good. We need you to stay strong, as you are doing the decent thing, which you may sadly be persecuted for while speaking the truth. But one thing you can say for yourself I care about other human beings and that makes you a good person. Don’t throw that away you’re worth so much more than those who do not care, you owe yourself so much more. Life is worth living and I know it will be hard for you but someone has to be out there to tell others the truth. You may have to step back while you deal with what’s happened to you, to make yourself strong you still have a good life to live my friend and take care.

Kathleen Duncan
My daughter has been vaccine injured for 10 years from Gardasil so I get it

Lisa Collins Snyman
I’m so sorry for what you’re going through… Hang in there

Rita Brathaug
Covid v@xx injuries is not so rare unfortunately & that is why SO MANY are saying NO. Try to detox your body, maybe see a naturopath/ homeopath.

Gina Anderson
Please Kyle stay strong!
So sorry for what happened to you.
You will find time will heal you.

Nensi Bacic-Franzoni
So sorry this happened to you. Praying you get better with each passing day. This world needs more people with your heart and empathy. Thank you for speaking up.

Penny Moon
Stay strong please I know you’re depressed and I understand but please stay strong

Penny Moon
That is exactly what the government wanted is to divide families rip them apart Divide communities telling them to spy on their neighbours and Like good little sheep who can’t think for themselves done exactly that

Penny Moon
You’re not hated whatsoever you will always get trolls unfortunately just block them

Angela Boorman
GOD bless you sending you lots off love and light in hope that you find your strength

Deanna Hamre
It breaks my heart seeing what you are going through. Thank you for sharing your story. I will be keeping you and all the other people suffering through this in my prayers.