Proof: The FDA Knew on September 17, 2021 That People Who Got the COVID Vaccine Were 2X More Likely to be Infected


Why didn’t they warn us at the time? Instead, they remained silent. The mandates should have been the opposite: hospitals should have fired anyone who got vaccinated.


Most people didn’t read the September 17, 2021 FDA briefing document so let me highlight the top of page 22 for you. With a little simple math (shown here), it’s clear that you are 2X more likely to be infected during the time you are vaccinated. The p-value is <.001. This was not just a fluke. It was validated in the Cleveland Clinic study.

Executive summary

The Cleveland Clinic study, which I fully explain in this article, shows that the more vaccines you get, the more likely you are to be infected with COVID.

This was not a fluke. As I pointed out in my article, the results were consistent with three other large studies, two of which (the Qatar and Pfizer studies) were general population and not just healthcare workers.

One of the two large confirming studies was the Pfizer Phase 3 trial participants themselves.

Did you know that Pfizer told the FDA in a document dated September 17, 2021 that people who were on the vaccine for a longer period were more likely to be infected with COVD than those who spent only about half the time in the vaccinated state. The difference between the infection rates of the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed was more than 2X. See this section of my article for details on data in the FDA document and the simple calculation to determine the relative infection rates.

The bottom line is that the FDA knew on Sept 17, 2021 that you were more likely to be infected with COVID if you were vaccinated. That’s the opposite of what they told us.

What do we do now?

We need to acknowledge our mistakes and take corrective action.

Every business who has a vaccine mandate should immediately issue a reverse mandate.

For example,

  1. Hospitals should immediately fire anyone who is vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. Proof of being unvaccinated should be required to keep your job. Religious and medical exemptions should be honored so if anyone’s religious beliefs require them to be vaccinated, those people should be accommodated. Similarly, if anyone has a medical condition requiring them to be vaccinated, they should be given an exemption.
  2. College campuses should not allow students who are vaccinated to enroll. In addition, all visitors to campus will need to show proof of unvaccination. In short, if you are vaccinated, you should no longer be allowed on campus.
  3. Proof of unvaccination should be required to enter restaurants and attend public gatherings.
  4. If you are not an American citizen, you should not be able to enter the US without proof of unvaccination.
  5. Unvaccination should be required to hold elective office.
  6. All emergency personnel (police, fire, paramedics) must be unvaccinated or face losing their job.
  7. All doctors who advised their patients to get vaccinated should have their license to practice medicine revoked by the medical boards. Their board certifications and hospital privileges should be removed as well. After all, these physicians are a danger to society because they lack the ability to think for themselves and do what is best for their patients.
  8. Doctors who write vaccine prescriptions for the COVID vaccine shall be investigated and may have their license to practice medicine revoked. After all, the COVID vaccine isn’t justifiable for any patient so you must be a very bad doctor who doesn’t believe in evidence-based medicine.
  9. Other than as noted above, there should be no tolerance for the vaccinated. These people should have known better. They are a risk to society and prevent us from getting to herd immunity. They should be ostracized and excluded from all family events moving forward.

In short, it’s time to turn the tables around.

How To Turn The Tables On The Interviewers Trying To Turn The Tables On You

It’s time to turn the tables around and discriminate against all vaccinated people..


At this point, there is absolutely no doubt that COVID vaccination increases your risk of infection. Everyone who tries to attack the Cleveland Clinic study has failed. Nothing sticks.

Many of my readers have validated this effect with their own eyes and often write in comments like it’s all their vaccinated friends getting sick with COVID. And those turbo cancers, amyloid clots, and sudden deaths are happening almost exclusively in the vaccinated (or if you got a transfusion).

Wayne Root’s statistics are another great anecdote that should be impossible if the vaccines are so safe. Nobody’s been able to explain his numbers. Basically, Wayne found that his vaccinated friends were dying or had severe side effects in large numbers while his unvaccinated friends were unaffected.

And where is the anti-Wayne Root anecdote where it is just the unvaxxed who are getting very sick and dying? I still can’t find such an anecdote. I’ve tried.

Why can’t I find a single anecdote of a nursing home where the all-cause death rate declined after the vaccine rolled out?

If you listened to the CDC and mainstream media, you were led to believe that the unvaccinated would all be extinct by now.

So now that nobody can attack the Cleveland Clinic data, isn’t it time to right this wrong and reverse the mandates?

How about we now give the vaccinated a taste of their own medicine so they will understand first hand what it feels like to be unfairly penalized for doing nothing more than following the science?

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