Shawn Kuhn: 21-Year-Old University of Georgia Student is Latest Near-Term Pfizer Death That Mainstream Media Call “Breakthrough” COV-19 Death

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Shawn Kuhn

ATHENS, GEORGIA — A 21-year-old sports science major and personal trainer is dead, and is now being used by mainstream media as a pawn in their propaganda campaigns.

Mr. Shawn Kuhn received his first Pfizer mRNA injection sometime in April, according to CBS 46 News in Atlanta. He received the second shot in May. Mr. Kuhn caught so-called COV-19 in December 2020. He suffered only minor symptoms before recovering within days. Thus, he had natural immunity for a disease with a 99.7%+ survival rate for people his age. But he received the injections anyway.

Mr. Kuhn allegedly caught “COV-19-based pneumonia” towards the end of August. His condition progressively deteriorated through September. Mr. Tim Kuhn, Shawn’s father, said his son was “in and out of three hospitals” for the next six weeks. He said Shawn was “losing blood” every day, but doctors had no explanation as to how or where he was losing the blood.

Tim posted a Facebook update on October 10. His son was in the intensive care unit, in a medically-induced coma, and on a ventilator. Note that once a ventilator is utilized, the chances of survival decrease significantly. Shawn was to be transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta via Life Flight in the forthcoming days. But he did not survive the night.

Shawn passed away at 2:59 a.m., October 11.

Shawn’s sister, Sharla, also wrote about him on Facebook that day.