Sudden Deaths of Athletes Explodes, Shocking Report Reveals Jaw-Dropping Numbers

By Gregory Hoyt

“The information contained within a review of the data is even more unsettling…”.

According to a report featured in The Gateway Pundit, data continues to show an alarming uptick in “sudden deaths” occurring in young athletes since the onset of 2021. But what really puts the alarming trend into perspective is when reviewing the data of similar “sudden deaths” among athletes between the years of 1966 and 2004.

Ever since the ushering in of the COVID shots in January of 2021, more and more reports have cropped up across the world with details of people having “suddenly” or “unexpectedly” died – with a sizeable number of those reports pertaining to athletes.

Considering the timing of these “sudden” deaths, which began occurring at a rate where they could no longer be ignored, some have drawn the conclusion that there has to be some connection between these medical anomalies and a particular breed of shots that many all over the world were compelled and shamed into getting.

Pointing to a medical journal dubbed “Sudden cardiac death in athletes: the Lausanne Recommendations,” The Gateway Pundit reported that, “from 1966-2004, Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) occurred in 1101 reported cases in athletes under 35 years old.”

The mentioning of SCD is critical, considering that these unexpected deaths (and on-field collapses) that have been plaguing athletes since the onset of 2021 have mostly been attributed to heart-related issues.

According to the report detailing SCD deaths among athletes between 1966 and 2004, the report reads, “SCD occurred in 1101 (1966-2004) reported cases in athletes under 35 years, 50% had congenital anatomical heart disease and cardiomyopathies and 10% had early-onset atherosclerotic heart disease. Forty percent occurred in athletes under 18 years, 33% under 16 years; the female/male ratio was 1/9. SCD was reported in almost all sports; most frequently involved were soccer (30%), basketball (25%) and running (15%).”

So in a span of 38 years, reportedly 1101 athletes under the age of 35 passed away due to various heart-related conditions. However, between January 2021 to April 2022, at least 673 athletes reportedly died under sudden/unexpected circumstances – a figure that is over half the amount of recorded deaths under similar circumstances over a 38-year period.

But the number of sudden deaths among athletes since the onset of 2021 could very well be higher, as Good Sciencing issued a report documenting 1,323 sudden athlete deaths since January of 2021.

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