Survey: Nearly Half the Deaths Observed in US Households Judged to be Due to the COVID Vaccine


A professionally done survey of a sample of 1,000 American households was done by market research professional Leonard Murphy. Executed by TapResearch.

Executive summary

I engaged a professional market research expert, Leonard Murphy, to do a survey about vaccine injuries and deaths in American households. He created the survey with some input from me. I personally funded it. The list he used was from a third party professional firm and not biased in any way.

The results will stun you.

1,000 American households were surveyed. The survey demographics are chosen to be representative of America.

Of the 1,000 households surveyed, 194 reported a death in their household since 2021.

Here’s the punch line:

Nearly half of the respondents thought the death was due to the COVID vaccine

This is a train wreck for a product that was billed as “safe and effective.”

And have you noticed that I’m one of the very few people in the world doing surveys like this and asking these “inconvenient truth” type questions? Now you know why!

But that’s not the most astonishing result of the survey.

If you are a paying subscriber, your subscription helps fund surveys like this which cost thousands of dollars to execute.

I’m going to share the full results with you right now, including the single most stunning result which is even more jaw dropping than the previous question (and when you see it, it will explain why these people answered the way they did).

Can you guess how they knew it was the vaccine?

I was surprised when I saw this (and I’m not easily surprised).

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