The COVID Vaccines Have an Estimated Death Rate >1,000 Higher than the Acceptable Safe Limit


But nobody at the FDA or the CDC cares about that. The real story is that an estimated 80% or more of the vaccines examined in this study are too deadly to be used. Here’s the data showing that.

Executive summary

I estimate that the COVID vaccines are 1,000X higher than the 1 death per million doses “safe limit” described by Paul Offit on 60 Minutes.

And the other ones? Well, they are highly likely not safe either.

I just wanted to be sure you knew that.

The chart

From VAERS Analysis:

None of the Twitter trolls could cite any errors on this chart.

IMPORTANT: The red bars are UNDER reported; the blue bars are FULLY reported.

Just because there are deaths, doesn’t mean the vaccine caused the death. There is a background rate of deaths that will be associated with VAERS reports because people can die coincidentally to a vaccination.

We know for a fact the flu vaccine is deadly and should be pulled from the market because we showed you the charts from Medicare which is fully reported and the gold standard. Have you ever noticed that the CDC will never show you that graph?

So when we see a .35 deaths per million doses in VAERS, it’s an indicator of an unsafe vaccine.

Now for the money shot. So basically, all the vaccines with .25 or higher red bars are highly likely to be unsafe as well.

Do you see any vaccines which meet that criteria?

If you don’t, then I have some good news for you: the CDC is looking to hire you in their Vaccine Safety Monitoring Department where you can work among other blind people there such as John Su.

I count 19 vaccines above the threshold, and just 4 below.

In other words, it’s highly likely most of the vaccines you thought were safe… Well, they probably aren’t.

Why take the risk? Why not demand to see the post-marketing proof of safety?

Where do I get the 1,000X higher than safe?

The graph shows just 25 deaths per million.

But VAERS is under-reported by 41X.

Do the math: 25 x 41 = 1025.

Am I wrong?

Why isn’t the CDC publishing the Medicare data for all vaccines given to the elderly?

And why aren’t they tracking the death-vax records for the other vaccines given to everyone else?

This is absolutely nuts.

The only way to detect a signal of 1 per 1 million shots is in post-marketing analysis.

Have they done this?

Absolutely not.

To detect a signal like this, you’d need to know who is vaccinated and who isn’t.

I talked to Ben Haynes, Head of Media Relations for the CDC, and he admitted the CDC doesn’t have the vaccination data (the states do).

I asked if they had requested the vaccination information from the States.

He said they don’t have the authority to do that.

I asked if they had asked politely for the data, you know like “please?”

He ducked the question.

They don’t want to know.

I said if the CDC called Gavin Newsom for the data, they’d get it in a heartbeat because Gavin will do whatever the CDC wants.

They didn’t want to pursue it. Ben didn’t return any of my phone calls after that.

Does the correlation imply causality?

People are always claiming VAERS can’t be used for causation.

Technically, that’s true because causation requires all five Bradford Hill criteria and only 4 of the 5 criteria are possible using VAERS exclusively.

Sidenote: The Turtles book has an excellent chapter on epidemiology that everyone should read. It’s short and very well written. It’s worth buying the book just for this one chapter. It has some amazing examples of correlations where there is no causality.

But using VAERS in conjunction with papers in the literature can be used to prove causality. That is what I do. Of course, the pro-vaxxers who love to educate people on VAERS never mention that. They also never mention you can be put in jail for 5 years for filing a false VAERS report.

Additionally, VAERS can highlight correlations between vaccine doses and adverse events. These generate safety signals which then can be used to assess biologic plausibility.

But even without biologic plausibility, the precautionary principle of medicine still applies.

Here’s the argument:

I have yet to see a case where there was a significant safety signal that triggered in VAERS where the number of VAERS reports were proportional to the dose given in those months and the cause was proven to be something else.

Can you name one?

I even went to Twitter to ask the “know it all” trolls that question and they couldn’t answer it either. See for yourself:

All these “experts” saying “correlation isn’t causation!” and they couldn’t come up with a single counter-example!!! Simply stunning, isn’t it?


These people at the CDC are willfully blind. They simply do not want to know if the vaccines are safe.

Everyone should be demanding to see the proof of safety for a vaccine before you take it.

For adult vaccines, the easiest way is to get it from the Medicare database. This is a simple query.

But the CDC won’t make that database available to anyone to publicly search for some reason.

I wonder why?

For child vaccines, the CDC needs to get the vaccination data and correlate it with the death data.

They’ve never done that.

This is an epic failure of the CDC.

And I don’t think Congress is ever going to call them out on it… unless RFK Jr. gets elected President in 2024.

So they will continue to get away with murder.

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