The Single Most Important Interview I’ve Ever Done: Former Kaiser Nurse Gail Macrae


90% of the COVID deaths in hospitals were attributed to COVID treatment protocols. ICU doc estimated up to an 80% increase in mortality due to the COVID vaccine.

Executive summary

My interview with former Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa nurse Gail Macrae is the single most devastating interview I’ve done since I first started speaking out against the COVID vaccine in May 2021.

Key points of the interview include:

  • Hospitals were actually empty when the press told us they were full.
  • 90% or more of the COVID deaths were actually caused by the treatment protocols dictated from above, not the virus. There were both early treatments as well as inpatient treatments available that reduced the COVID death rate by over 90%.
  • The COVID vaccines increased all-cause mortality in hospitals by up to 80% according to one ICU doctor I spoke to who worked in the same hospital as Gail and made meticulous notes on patient outcomes.
  • One of the potential reasons people believed that there was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is that the EMR systems were programmed to default all COVID cases to unvaccinated and nurses weren’t told how to change it.
  • After the vaccines rolled out for an age group is when the hospitals started seeing very unusual things they’ve never seen or rarely seen before for that age group.
  • Doctors are still afraid to speak out.

Bottom line: it wasn’t the virus that caused the pandemic. It was our response to the virus (top-down dictated treatment protocols and vaccination directives) that caused nearly all the morbidity and mortality. It was all preventable had we listened to the people that our government wanted to silence.

Today, there is still a total lack of transparency of what happened in hospitals in 2021 after the shots rolled out. If the protocols and vaccinations were a huge success, why aren’t we seeing any hospital publish their numbers?

The 90 minute interview

Nurse Gail Macrae reveals stunning facts about the COVID vax and protocols

Here are a few of the comments:

Key learnings: COVID period

  • All Sonoma county hospitals were at or below annual admission averages for the entire year of 2020.
  • Stanford Hospital was dead empty in April 2020, a time when the press said hospitals were overwhelmed. At peak, there were 11 COVID patients at Stanford. The peak number in the ICU was 4.  The thinking at Stanford at the time was that the cases were low because everyone followed the protocol dictated by the health authority. They had no idea that every other hospital was experiencing the same lack of patients. It had nothing to do with the mitigation protocols.
  • Gail doesn’t know of any hospitals in California that were full of COVID patients. Her hospital was running at a fraction of capacity during this “crisis” (at peak they had 10 of the 30 COVID beds filled). They were sending staff members home because there wasn’t anything for them to do at work. The hospitals were like ghost towns. Note: 10 or fewer beds until November/December 2020, which is the normal time of year when hospitals fill every winter.
  • Most of the COVID deaths were actually caused by the COVID treatment protocols, not the virus. Gail and an ICU doctor I spoke with after the call estimated that at least 90% of the people who died were killed by the “COVID protocol.”
  • I also checked with Paul Marik and he agreed that the 90% of those who died in the hospital from COVID were killed by the protocol would be a fair estimate. Paul worked in the ICU at the time and had close to 100% success rate in saving COVID patients (only a few patients who came in really late or had a lot of comorbidities died). He was told to switch to the “hospital protocol” based on CDC guidance. He complied and 7 out of his next 7 patients died including one patient who was just 22 years old. Paul was not allowed by the hospital to use his protocol to save patient lives, so he resigned.
  • Hospitals force doctors to comply with the COVID protocols that were designed by the medical associations. If the doctors don’t comply, they will be fired and lose their license to practice medicine. So, unless they are ready to retire, they all comply even though it is killing people.
  • The hospital protocols are a two-edged sword: they withhold drugs like strong steroids that can save a patient’s life, and they administer drugs like remdesivir which causes people to die sooner. Or they will put people on ventilators. One nurse who got COVID threatened to sue the hospital if she didn’t get steroids. She got steroids and she’s alive today. I heard from a former Kaiser doc that high net worth patients are also able to negotiate treatment options.
  • One of the reasons it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated is that Gail said that the EMR systems like EPIC were programmed to default all COVID cases to be
    ”unvaccinated” and nurses weren’t told how to change it. They would make notations in the chart, but the statistics the hospital reports are based on the vaccine status field, not from notes. So anyone looking at hospital statistics could reasonably conclude that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” This happened in Kaiser. Unclear how many EPIC clients had the same programming.

Key learnings: Vaccine period

  • Anaphylaxis:
    • Gail knew of at least 2 anaphylaxis reports in her unit after getting the very first shot of the COVID vaccine. There are 25 people in her unit. Both said they would be fired if they spoke about it and were very reluctant to disclose this information to Gail. Note: 2 anaphylaxis cases in 25 injections is a train wreck. The Pfizer Phase 3 trial reported no cases of anaphylaxis in the over 22,000 people who got the shots. So this should have stopped the shots immediately because there was clearly something seriously wrong with the manufactured product (compared to what was given to the trial participants). But nobody said anything because they didn’t want to get fired.
    • Gail heard reports from a nurse doing vaccinations of the public of up to 8-12 anaphylaxis within 15 minutes of the shot per shift (around 100 people vaccinated per shift). This sounds very high and I was unable to verify this (the person no longer works at Kaiser). Have you heard of similar stats? Please let me know in the comments.
    • The peer-reviewed literature says the rates of anaphylaxis after the COVID shot are 2.4 cases per 10,000 doses. In the Pfizer trial, there were 0 cases of anaphylaxis reported. Doctors are trained to trust the clinical trial data and assume that the injected vaccine is the same as the vaccine tested in the trial.
  • Some medical staff were told that if you report a vaccine side effect to VAERS, you would be fired.
  • Post Mar 2021, patients were admitted for a variety of unusual symptoms: clotting disorders she’d never heard of before, heart abnormalities, strokes, rapid onset autoimmune, rapid onset dementia. Basically, lots of very rare adverse events happening at a frequency that she had never seen before. She had 2 cases of Guillain Barre happening 24 hours after a vaccine, for example. So 4 total in 6 weeks (two confirmed less than 24 hours after the shot). Previously, 2 cases total in the previous 9 years. So something is causing this and it never happened during COVID.
  • Younger people started going to the hospital with unusual symptoms starting when the vaccine rolled out for their age group.
  • She experienced roughly an 8X increase in code blues being called (over hospital com systems) directly associated with onset of vaccination. This never happened during COVID.
  • In the summer of 2021, there were 3X higher admissions than the peak of the past 30 years (she misspoke in the video; she said 300% and she meant 3X).
  • After the vaccines rolled out for an age group is when the hospitals started seeing weird things they’ve never seen before that age group.
  • The COVID vaccines increased all-cause mortality in hospitals by up to 80% according to an ICU doctor I spoke with at Gail’s hospital.

Key learning: General

  • Doctors are still afraid to speak out. They don’t want to lose their job, license, or be ostracized by their peers. So they stay silent. I talked to one doctor at Gail’s hospital and she said she didn’t know how many doctors were “red pilled” because nobody brings it up. It’s a taboo topic.

Confirmation by others

My doctor, nurse, and paramedic friends corroborate what is said in this video.

If you have any nurses or doctors who believe Gail is not accurately representing what happened inside her hospital, please let me know in the comments.

An open call for counter-examples

posted on X asking for a nurse or doctor to come forward and talk about how the vaccines reduced morbidity and mortality, but not a single person was willing to do that.

The post had over 16,000 views, but I didn’t get a single name!

But what I did get instead were posts like this one:


The COVID pandemic was created by our response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The hospital treatment protocols and the COVID vaccines were the two biggest offenders.

Today, most doctors are afraid to speak out about what is really happening. They stay silent. Few doctors want to lose their job or their medical license. So the killing will continue.

I hope that watching this video will help people to understand what is really happening. Educating people on what is going on is essential for change to happen.

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