The VAERS Data Shows That Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) Is 160 Times More Likely After a C0VID Vaxxination Than for All the Other Vaxxines Combined in Any Given Year

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

The VAERS data shows that Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) is 160 times more likely after a COVID vaccination than for all the other vaccines combined in any given year. And if you exclude the anthrax vaccine from that comparison, the likelihood is simply too high to calculate (0 cases in 32 years).
So the COVID vaccine should definitely be considered as a possible cause for this rare disease.
I show below that the estimated rate of RHS after COVID vaccination is 338 cases per 100,000. The medical literature says it occurs naturally in 5 cases per 100,000. Therefore, it is 99% likely that Justin’s RHS was caused by the vaccine, and only 1% chance that he got “unlucky.”
Sadly, it’s unlikely Bieber’s doctors will ever acknowledge that, so it’s unlikely he’ll get the care he needs. He’ll simply assume he is just unlucky.
The mainstream press isn’t doing its job if they don’t report this (which they won’t).
From Steve Kirsch