This Vaxxine Rollout Didn’t Occur Accidentally, or Inadvertently, or It’s Simply Unintended Consequences

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

Wouldn’t one vaccine death be one too many.
Yet in Australia it’s 1 every 15 minutes already and most are yet to suffer the adverse reactions. (based on Jan 2022 excess mortality rates, up 22.1% being a total of 2865 extra deaths above average with one thing in common)

This vaccine rollout didn’t occur accidentally, or inadvertently, or it’s simply unintended consequences. When it’s obvious pushing a phase 3 experimental drug to billions Globally against their will and forcing it on people to exist in society or earn an income, for a falsified pandemic, (which was simply the “flu rebranded for 2 years“) is not a case of “we simply didn’t know this could happen.”

This is deliberate premeditated murder of innocent but gullible and too trusting public.

Sadly, so many are ticking time bombs, and we must adjust to the fact we are all going to lose a lot of friends and family.