USA Jab Injury – Brittany, From Florida, USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Brittany, Florida, USA

Brittany is a mum of three kids and a happy wife to a deputy. Her faith in Jesus Christ has gotten her through the hardest, most turbulent times of her life. She is a VP of Sales for a national PEO and her very busy world has turned upside down and after bettering the Moderna vaccine in March and May 2021. She had major magnetism, which she has taken tons of videos of and shares them constantly on live feeds and photos to bring awareness. After Several hospital visits and plummeting health, she was diagnosed with POTS (Tachycardia), Guillain Barre, Pericarditis, gastroparesis, and other debilitating issues. Brittany has documented her entire journey in all of its entirety and had an Instagram of almost one hundred thousand followers when it was deleted. Now she is rebuilding it from the ground up.

On top of being a mother while being sick every single day, she takes time to document her journey and shows photos and lists symptoms. She answers probably thousands of emails trying to help others who have also been injured by the vaccine. She explores all methods of healing out there and freely shares anything good she finds or anything that is helping her that might help others. She should definitely be followed, as again she’s risen to be a shining star in these trying times. She has a loud voice and won’t be stopping taking on this new world any time soon.

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