USA Jab Injury – Joseph, From USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Joseph, USA

Rest In Peace twenty-six-year-old Joseph who passed away after his autopsy report revealed that he died November 12th 2021 after taking his Pfizer booster vaccination and the flu both on August 11th 2021. He was found deceased in his recliner after complaining of sore throat and fatigue.

Joseph’s family received his autopsy results on December 22nd, 2021 and are in shock at the results. He passed away from Myocarditis in the left ventricle due to the recent Pfizer COVID-19 booster vaccine, and this is what’s written on his death certificate. He had the booster on Monday 8th of November 2021 before passing away four days later.

With no underlying issues with his heart, Joseph received EKG’s and echoes his entire life and had always had a normal functioning heart. That pathologist said he had a “normal twenty-six-year-old heart.”

Joseph loved science and was always pro-science and pro-vaccine. He trusted science and did his part.  He will be incredibly missed by his parents and four siblings.