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By Jab Injuries Global

MacKenzie, USA

This is extremely long, but please read! I’m making this post to share my experience and spread awareness of what happened when I got the COVID-19 vaccine. I’m not trying to tell people to or not to get the vaccine. I just want people to know what’s happening.

On September 13th 2021, I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Approximately two weeks later, I was at softball practice (I’m a college athlete) and my left leg gave out on me twice. It did not hurt but I just lost control of my leg and fell. That Thursday, around three days after my leg first gave out, I began to have a terrible migraine. My migraine lasted for forty-eight hours and my symptoms were: sensitivity to light, dizziness, nausea, speech issues, trouble reading, and extreme confusion. I keep getting these random sharp pains in my head and I have speech issues when this happens. The following Monday, I was at weights and by the end of my workout, I was having trouble standing up and my left leg kept shaking and giving out again. I went to my athletic trainer and she examined me. She had me do some body weight squats, lunges, and sidelines. By the end of that, I just kept falling and could not stand up on my own. I sat down, with my legs dangling off the treatment tables and tried to lift my legs in the air. My left leg began to shake uncontrollably and my trainer immediately sent me to the doctor.

The doctor referred me to the neurologist where ehe said these problems could be from one of six things: a TIA (minis stroke), seizures, migraines, low blood sugar, MS, or the COVID-19 vaccine. Since then, I have gotten multiple tests and I have been to the doctor more times then I can count. I have had three different types of blood tests, MRI w/wo contrast on my neck, MRI w/wo contrast on my brain to check for swelling, a nerve conduction study, a blood flow test, and an EEG. They were able to conclude that my leg and head issues are from the COVID-19 vaccine that I had gotten two weeks before all my crazy symptoms began. The nerve conduction study found that my nerves in my left leg were inflamed from the vaccine, which is why I have minimal control of my leg and keep falling randomly without warning. If I stand too long, walk too much, or even do basic movements (such as lifting my leg up), my leg will shake and give out.

I’ve realised that I am so, so lucky. Multiple doctors said I have a mild case and people are ending up paralysed in one or even all of their limbs from the COVID-10 vaccine. People are having strokes from an early age from the vaccines as well. Others are having constant headaches after the vaccine when they’ve never had headaches before. While I was told I will make a full recovery by six to nine months (hopefully sooner), some people will never be able to walk again because of the vaccine. You don’t see this stuff on the news or social media so I just wanted to share my story.

Currently, I am doing physical therapy every day to try to work on balance and strength. I went from a college athlete to dreaming of just doing normal exercises again. I’m focusing on getting better each and every week. God has already fought this battle for me! He gave me this story and I’m going to share it.

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