USA Jab Injury – Miles, From USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Miles, USA

I respect the vaccine mandates. What I don’t understand is why they disregard the ones who suffer from it.

Two days after the second dose, I experienced heart pain at the onset of exercise that left me sitting on the ground holding my chest. The optimist in me formulated rational excuses for it and went home. The next day, I noticed my heart rate was constantly elevated above norma by twenty bpm during exercise. Knowing that heart rate can be variable, I once again wrote it off with a rational excuse. By day three, normal deep breathes caused my heart pain and tightness. I couldn’t ignore the signs any longer.

The EKG revealed inflammation of the sac surrounding my heart. I was rushed to a cardiologist who confirmed with other tests that this nightmare was now my reality. I’ll have to wear a doctor prescribed heart rate monitor attached to my chest twenty-four seven for seven days and take heart medication for the foreseeable future.