USA Jab Injury – Nicole, From California, USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Nicole, California, USA

I’ve been hesitant to share my story because I know how easy I’ll be shut down, banned, deleted, or who knows what else. August 18th 2021, I decided to get my first Pfizer vaccine. You would think because I knew people who have had side effects and their outcome, I would have stayed far from it. Though, when you have multiple family members in the hospital due to COVID-19 (some who haven’t had the best outcome), fear creeps in more and the unknown and the pressure of the world. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read people who believe that if you decide not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you don’t deserve medical care (should forfeit it). As a fellow human being, shame on you1 Whatever happened to freedom of choice? What happened to my America? I shouldn’t have to inject my body with something to protect you. If I lose people, friends, or family due to my choices, well, I’m okay with that. Unfortunately, I’m one of those unlucky people who has had adverse reactions to this thing. Not one reaction but MANY reactions. I’m one of millions. I’m grateful enough to have found a special doctor to help me. A doctor who will actually listen and who cares for his patient. Not a doctor who will gaslight me. Just because something doesn’t show in a scan, bloodwork, EKG, blah blah blah, It doesn’t mean you throw anti-depressants at someone and say: “It’s all in your head.” As a young female, that is what they do to us. I’ve sat in an office the last week and a half for my treatment to only hear other people calling crying, begging , and on the brink of suicide due to this. I’m blessed to have God and my husband literally pick me up from my knees the last three weeks. I was at my darkest place. Yes, even at one time thought what’s the point anymore? People need to wake up and listen. I thank God this doesn’t happen to everyone, but to those who it has, I hear you. I believe you and I can’t wait to stand with you one day when this comes out.