VAERS Data is Crystal Clear: The COVID Vaccines are Killing an Estimated 1 Person per 1,000 Doses (676,000 Dead Americans)


It takes about 30 seconds to do a VAERS query that shows the COVID vaccines are deadly. The shape of the “onset curve” makes this obvious. An estimated 676,000 Americans have been killed.

Executive summary

72% of the IUS death reports in the 33 year history of VAERS are from one vaccine: the COVID-19 vaccine.

Unlike other vaccines, the COVID vaccines keep on killing people, for months and years after the shot.

The statistics I’ve been able to collect estimate that the COVID vaccines kill 1 person per 1,000 doses. These vaccines aren’t close to safe, so we don’t even have to get into a discussion as to whether they are effective.

They are clearly unsafe and nobody should be taking them.

And we can prove that with one VAERS query which nobody can explain away. Anyone can replicate this themselves.

The VAERS query

Go to, and set the parameters are follows:
  1. Graph the Onset Interval and Vaccines
  2. Died: Yes
  3. Demographics: US states


VAERS result

The line with all the deaths is the COVID vaccine.

Found 16,396 cases where the Location is U.S. States and Patient Died

Figure 1. The onset curve of the COVID vaccine looks nothing like any other vaccine in US history.
Figure 2. The legend for Figure 1

What does this mean?

It means that the COVID vaccines are killing people.

The onset interval is the interval from the time of vaccination until the first symptoms occurred. Since we are looking at death reports, these will be the time until the first symptoms preceding the death appear or, in many cases, the elapsed time until the death itself.

A safe vaccine should have a peak near day 0 just due to coincidence causing false reports in the first few days after the vaccine as people falsely associate the death event with the date of vaccination. The rest of the curve should be flat. This is the case for many of the vaccines. For example, the Rubella vaccine doesn’t have a single death report in the history of VAERS (but does have 800 adverse event reports).

The flu vaccine (FLU4) has an onset curve for deaths that looks like this, but keep in mind that the FLU4 vaccine can be given with other vaccines in the same visit, so it’s hard to separate out just the effect of the FLU4 vaccine, but the point is that if vaccines are safe, the death rates reported after the vaccines should be perfectly flat since deaths are random with respect to a vaccination date.

Figure 3. The onset curve for deaths for the FLU4 vaccine. Compare that to the COVID vaccine in Figure 1.

What you can see from Figure 1 above is that the COVID vaccines don’t look at all like a safe vaccine: the peaks of deaths just keep going and going. The peaks end after 2.5 years because the COVID vaccines have only been out for 2.5 years.

In particular, note that:

  • the peak at 90-120 days is larger than the peaks at 0 and 1 days
  • the peak at 15-30 days is nearly as high as the peaks at 0 and 1 days
  • the peak at 1-2 years is unprecedented
  • For the COVID vaccine, it’s not even close to that.
  • Many other vaccines show a death peak 15-30 days out. This is clearly caused by the vaccines. In other words, many of the vaccines the CDC believes are safe are, in fact, killing people.

72% of the deaths in the history of VAERS are from the COVID vaccine

VAERS queries show:
  1. Found 11,860 cases where Location is U.S. States and Vaccine is COVID19 or COVID19-2 and Patient Died
  2. Found 16,396 cases where Location is U.S. States and Patient Died

This is 72.3% of all deaths are from the COVID vaccines. This is extraordinary. The sheer number of deaths here as well as the onset interval above, are clear evidence we have the most deadly vaccine in US history that we are forcing people to take.

Death rate from the COVID vaccine: 1 per 1,000 doses

I’ve written in the past about the death rates from the COVID vaccine.

Recently, Denis Rancourt looked at large population data in Australia and Israel and estimated a rate of 1 death per 1,000 doses (see page 23: “… it is not unreasonable to assume an all-population global value of vDFR = 0.1%).

My estimates agree with this. In fact, just recently, I heard Jay Bonnar’s anecdote which confirms this. Jay had 15 friends, all vaccinated, die unexpectedly. There were about 14,000 vaccines given to his friends. So his story is right in line with my 1 in 1,000 estimate. I’ll be writing about Jay in my next Substack.

From VAERS, we have a minimum of 11,500 excess deaths (assuming we only count deaths that we know for sure were in the US) and an under-reporting factor of 41, we get 471,000 vaccine-caused deaths at a minimum (since 41 is the best case under-reporting factor). This conservative estimate is a death rate of 1 per 1,400 doses, which is lower than my 1 in 1,000 best estimate.

But if we use a more realistic value of 17,729 deaths (where we exclude foreign deaths which are typically well identified), subtract out 500 “coincidental” deaths, 17,529*50 (where 50 is a more realistic factor for deaths since 41 was for the very best case of anaphylaxis), we get 876,000 deaths from 676M COVID vaccine doses administered, which means the death rate estimated from VAERS is that we are killing 1.3 people per 1,000 doses (i.e., we are killing 1 person for every 770 doses).

So I’ll stick with my more conservative 1 death per 1,000 doses and I feel pretty good about that being a pretty good estimate. It’s nearly midway between the two VAERS estimates as well ((471+876)/2=674K deaths)! And it’s also very close to the number Mark Skidmore got from his surveys before they unethically retracted his paper (Skidmore just looked at 2021 deaths in his estimate of 278,000 people for COVID vaccine deaths the first year).

Huh? Why wouldn’t this have shown up in the clinical trials with 22,000 people in the treatment arm?

Three reasons:
  1. A 0.1% overall increase in all-cause mortality (ACM) is an overall 10% increase is base rate ACM. Nobody’s going to notice a change this small. This is what makes this vaccine so insidious: the death rate is just below the “notice” threshold.
  2. In the Pfizer trials, there were 21 deaths in the vaccine group and 17 in the placebo group (see this article). My conservative estimate was 10% increase in ACM, but a 23% increase was observed. So my estimate looks conservative. Also, there were 4 cardiac deaths in the vaccine group vs. 1 in the placebo group. Three excess cardiac deaths on a base of around 20 deaths is a 15% increase. So using this metric as well, we appear to be “in range” on our 1 per 1,000 estimate. Even though this could be interpreted as causing 22 deaths in the vaccine arm, the 1 in 1,000 should be interpreted as a 10% increase in ACM which in this case was very low (it was a 6 month study in a very healthy group who died at a rate much lower than the general population). Jay Bonnar, who knows around 5,600 vaccinated people had 15 deaths from the vaccine over 2.5 years which is 3 deaths in a 6 month period. The clinical trial had 4X as many people, so we’d expect to see 12 deaths from the vaccine.
  3. It wasn’t the same vaccine that was used in the trials vs. in commercial production. The commercial vaccines were more dangerous and had a variation in the lethality mix.


A simple VAERS query on the COVID vaccines for death and looking at the onset interval makes it immediately obvious to anyone that the COVID vaccines are the most deadly vaccines in the 33 year history of the VAERS system. Nothing else is even close.

The people who work at the CDC are paid to look the other way and mislead America into thinking the COVID vaccines are safe.

There is no possible way these vaccines are safe. In my next article, I’ll talk more about the Jay Bonnar case and I’ll make this crystal clear to everyone.

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