Valentina Bencini: Italian Investigators Still Determining Cause of Death After 49-year-old Woman Died 12 Hours After First Moderna mRNA Injection

By The COVID Blog

Ms. Valentina Bencini

A 49-year-old woman is dead, as Italian prosecutors continue leading the world in kangaroo investigations into post-injection deaths.

Ms. Valentina Bencini received her first Moderna mRNA injection on Thursday afternoon, July 5, in the town of Montevarchi, according to Italy 24 News. She sent two voice messages to a friend that day telling them about her injections. Ms. Bencini returned to her home in San Gusmè thereafter.

Several people sounded the alarm, including Ms. Bencini’s mother the next day, when nobody could get a hold of her. Ms. Bencini was not answering her phone or responding to social media messages. Her mother asked Ms. Bencini’s ex-boyfriend to go check on her since he still had the key to her home. He found her lifeless body in one of the bedrooms.

Authorities said there were no signs of forced entry, blunt force, or foul play in the home. Ms. Bencini had been dead for several hours when police arrived. Medical examiners determined that Ms. Bencini died about 12 hours after the Moderna injection.