Yet Another Horror Story of a BS 19 Vax Victim, Where Newscorp Who Are Paid To Cover Up Vax Death and Injury Try To Mislead Its Readers

By Gold Coast Review

A recent update from the paper.

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Emma Shaw
Epstein Barr virus lays dormant in your body until ‘something’ starts it off. I have chronic EBV & am petrified of these vaccinations. I hope he’s recovering

Shelly Baldwin
It’s so sad what you are all going through my thoughts are with you. My Daughter had EBV 2yrs ago at age 16 I had never seen her so sick, her liver and spleen were enlarged, liver tests up to 1770 and was jaundice, no energy, throwing up and missed a whole term of school as it went on that long it’s a terrible virus. I hope he’s on the mend very soon.

Alka Gertsch
Jade Lewis yeah this is horrible for his poor family.EBV is one of the contradictions in getting the vaccine,if you have had it,you are advised not to get vaccine.Unfortunately for this man he probably had it laying dormant and getting the vaccine has just jump started EBV

Amy Hockley
Leanne Devlin they’ve been doing it for decades. This one though is not even a vaccine. Heartbreaking that’s for sure. There’s so many warnings but people continue to have this poison. When will it end.