Young Adults Dying in Record Numbers, but Not From COVID-19

By Jennifer Margulis and Joe Wang

Nurse educator Dr. John Campbell is sounding the alert on a wave of unexplained deaths. According to the government data that Campbell has reviewed, many more people are dying than would be expected based on averages from the last five to seven years, and averages from years prior to COVID. Many of these excess deaths are occurring in young, otherwise healthy adults.

Campbell has 2.44 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He recently shared more government data showing that young and healthy people keep unexpectedly dying, and not of COVID.

In the first week after Campbell posted one such video, “Excess deaths, the data,” on August 28, it had garnered over 916,000 views and more than 20,000 comments.

One-off news articles about high-profile athletes, actors, and celebrities dying only tell part of the story.

37-Year-Old Healthy Mountain Biker Dies

Campbell pointed out one of these: professional mountain biker Rab Wardell. Wardell won the elite men’s title at the Scottish Cross Mountain Bike Championships, which were held in Dumfries and Galloway in the western Southern Uplands in Scotland at the end of August. A few days later, the 37-year-old was reported to have died in his sleep. His fiancée posted on social media that she tried to save his life, performing CPR until the paramedics arrived:

“I still don’t understand what’s happened; if this is real; why he’d be taken now – so healthy and happy,” Katie Archibald tweeted on August 24, the day after Wardell died.

“He went into cardiac arrest while we were lying in bed. I tried and tried, and the paramedics arrived within minutes, but his heart stopped and they couldn’t bring him back,” she continued.

“Mine stopped with it. I love him so much and need him here with me. I need him here so badly; but he’s gone. I can’t describe this pain.”

A Disturbing Trend

In analyzing the data, Campbell shows that these anecdotal stories in the media are part of an extremely disturbing trend of excess death.

The statistics show that far more deaths than usual—at least 1,000 a week in the United Kingdom alone—have been occurring. These excess deaths are not from COVID-19.

According to the Parliament of Scotland, excess deaths have been up 11 percent for the last half year. While a spike in winter death due to COVID-19 mortality was expected, in the last six months—after the winter bump was over—there was still considerable excess mortality.

These excess deaths have been occurring in every age group, including in healthy young adults.

Sudden Deaths in Athletes

Campbell pointed to a June 2022 peer-reviewed study in The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology that showed that 80 percent of sudden deaths in young athletes occur in people with no prior symptoms or family history of heart disease.

Without those red flags to watch for, it is not possible to use preventive testing to screen for those who might be vulnerable.

Unexpected Excess Deaths May Outstrip COVID-19 Deaths

According to Professor Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University, the trend of excess deaths started to increase noticeably in the United Kingdom around the end of April of 2022.

The United Kingdom reports that these excess deaths are the result of circulatory issues, diabetes, and cancer. But, as Campbell was quick to point out, that does not explain the precipitating factor.

“The pattern is similar in many other countries,” Campbell said.

If this trend continues, these excess deaths will outstrip the COVID-19 deaths by the end of this year.

Campbell and many others, including Carl Heneghan, are now calling for a large-scale national and international investigation of this excess mortality, using data from death certificates and physicians’ notes, as well as post-mortem exams done by pathologists who specialize in uncovering the underlying causes of unexpected death.

“We need to know why this is,” Campbell said. “This really should be done as a matter of urgency.”

As he has mentioned in other videos, Campbell is a nurse educator who advocated commonsense hygiene protocols for COVID-19 and initially also recommended the COVID-19 vaccines.

Campbell does not present a reason for the cause of excess deaths in his videos: he just shares the current data. He encourages his viewers to look at current medical information in a scientifically informed way, with a critical eye.

20,000 Comments Link Health Problems, Deaths to COVID-19 Vaccines

At the same time, the commenters seem to strongly suspect that the elephant in the room—the common denominator in excess mortality—is the COVID-19 vaccine program.

One viewer, Marko Hart, wrote:

“A very good friend of mine died two days after his 40th birthday, five days after his second shot. A very healthy guy with multiple marathons. Died in a heart attack at home after being at the gym half an hour earlier. No autopsy was done even if his wife requested an autopsy. This happened seven months ago here in Sweden. We miss you Michael”

Another, using the name, “DonTheFurious,” described going on a strenuous hike that he had done three times in the past, after he received his first vaccine. This time, he wrote, his chest felt heavy and he could taste something acidic under his tongue. At the summit of the hike he fainted, tumbled 70 feet, and was discovered unconscious by the dog of another hiker. He was airlifted to the hospital.

“When I explained to the doctors that I believed it was the vaccine that caused this to occur, they refused to consider this as a possibility,” he wrote. “Their reasoning is that I fainted due to a heat stroke/dehydration.” He was 38 years old at the time, with no prior history of a heart condition.

A third, Joe Macdonald, wrote: “A friend of mine died last year from heart failure after getting her second covid-19 vaccine shot, she was healthy, in her 30s, and had no underlying health issues … The doctors were unable to find out why she had massive heart failure and when we asked them if her getting the Covid-19 shots was the reason why she died they would not comment and refused to discuss it further if the covid vaccines were mentioned again as the possible underlying cause.”

Each commentator’s story about their own health challenges post-vaccination, or about their healthy young friends or family members dying unexpectedly is anecdotal too—but as an aggregate there are thousands of them, just among the comments on one video.

Foreign Matter in Blood

Recently published peer-reviewed science may help explain the rise in excess deaths. As described in a 60-page study published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research in August, a team of physicians in Italy studied the blood of 1,006 patients who had been injected with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and subsequently sought medical care for different symptoms. Foreign matter was found in 94 percent of their blood.

This dovetails with the experience of some professionals responsible for readying bodies for funeral rites. Several embalmers across the United States have observed many large, and sometimes long, “fibrous” and rubbery clots inside the corpses they have prepared for burial. It is not yet known if the cause of what appears to be a new clotting disorder is COVID-19 infections, the vaccines against COVID-19, both, or something else.

Worse Than It Appears?

Campbell further pointed out that over the past two years, many of the people who would have died naturally from old age or from other natural causes instead died from COVID, which disproportionately affected older adults and those with underlying health problems. Since these people have already died, excess death rates should actually be lower than average now.

However, instead of seeing a drop in non-COVID-related deaths, these deaths are rising.

Therefore, the rise in excess deaths is even worse than it appears. The United States has suffered more, cumulatively, from excess deaths than any other country, according to Campbell. Any single unnecessary death is tragic. But excess death rates of this magnitude, especially in young people, is a matter of national and international concern.

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