Young American Model Has Had To Have Her Legs Amputated After Taking the C0VID Vaxxine

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

The young American model has had to have her legs amputated after taking the Covid Vaccine

Claire Bridges, a young American model, with her life ahead of her has suffered the tragedy of having her legs amputated after being pressured to take the deadly, dangerous, and completely unnecessary Covid vaccine.
Calls for the vaccine to be banned and criminal charges against those in Government and the vaccine industry grow as so many more will suffer this and worse adverse reactions, after the Pfizer trial documents were forced to be released by a Texas Judge, which highlighted 42,000 adverse reactions from 45,000 volunteers, a near 3% mortality rate and growing and 8 pages of serious adverse reactions

As expected mainstream media, who have been collectively paid billions to push the deadly Covid Vaccines are desperate to cover the deaths and injuries up

See below an article by Channel 7 in Australia trying to spin it that it was from Covid despite the fact the symptoms are all listed as Covid vaccine adverse reactions

“The 21-year-old is fully vaccinated and doctors soon identified her intense leg pain was a result of myocarditis, rhabdomyolysis, mild pneumonia, cyanotic and acidosis.”