Do You Personally Know Someone Who Was Killed by a C0VID Vaxxine?

By Steve Kirsch

Please enter the death in my new upgraded registry.

If you know someone whom you believe was killed by the vaccine anywhere in the world, please.

We’ll have doctors look at each report and make an assessment, so don’t worry if you aren’t 100% sure. Just be sure to include all the detail that you do know.

With thousands of deaths assessed by licensed physicians to be from the COVID vaccines, it’s going to be pretty hard for the CDC to continue to say, “Safe and effective” with a straight face.

If everyone knows one person who died and just reports that one person, we are DONE, and they are finished.

If you can’t report a death because you don’t know anyone who died from the vaccine, please share this on your social networks.

The more deaths we can record where we have contact information of the reporter, so we can independently verify each death, the better.

Also, Joel Smalley is also running his own survey for UK deaths.

report the vaccine death here