Help Me Analyze Vax/C0VID-19 Death Reports?

By Steve Kirsch

I have lots of death data, some were believed caused by the vaccine, others by COVID. You can view it all. If you want to help me analyze some select records, please register here.

shows a death certificate with annotations of causes of death. The "underlying cause" is COVID.

You can now look at the death data reported by my readers

Here are 5844 reported deaths from my readers (since Jan 2020). Happy analyzing.

The most troubling fact is that the number of deaths believed by the reporter to be caused by the vaccine is 2X the number of deaths believed to be caused by COVID (2222 vs. 930).

That’s pretty hard for anyone to explain if we can validate this.

Help us analyze the data?

I have full contact info and death details on:

  1. 500 people that the reporter believes were killed by the vaccine and
  2. 276 deaths that the reporter believes were killed by COVID-19.

If you’d like to help pitch in and analyze 10 or more of these deaths to see how accurate our reporters were, please register here.