Moderna Vaxxine for Kids 6 Months to Under 6 Years Doesn’t Meet the FDA’s Own Bar

By Steve Kirsch

The vaccine slightly drops your child’s risk of getting COVID from 0 to 0. It doesn’t meet the FDA’s bar for efficacy. I predict the FDA will approve it despite the lack of compelling data.

Vinay Prasad (who I think is pretty much the only honest “mainstream” doctor I’ve seen making videos such as the one below), does a good job analyzing the Moderna vaccine for young kids in this video:

The only thing he doesn’t talk about it the absolute risk reduction.

You can risk your child’s life in being injured from the vaccine (we don’t know what the risk is because there were too few kids in the trial) in exchange for lowering their risk of getting COVID from (effectively) 0 to 0.

If the vaccine gets an EUA, parents will undoubtedly be rushing to get their kids vaccinated despite the insignificant absolute benefit.

It’s not supposed to be approved by the FDA’s own standards.

But I’d be absolutely amazed if it is not approved because it isn’t about science or risk benefit analysis; it’s about approving anything that might reduce your COVID risk regardless of the risk benefit tradeoff.