Surveys Show That the C0VID Vaxxines Have Killed More People in Just 18 Months Than All 70+ Vaccines Combined Have Over 32 Years

By Steve Kirsch

Don’t trust me. Do your own survey. You can prove to yourself that the COVID vaccines are more than 30,000 times more deadly than the “average” vaccine in the US. Wow.

Below is a list of 18 surveys that you can look at done by different people, but all asking the same question. The results are very consistent.

They collectively suggest that the COVID vaccines are less 500 times more deadly than all 70+ vaccines combined. See my earlier post for how to compute the 500X figure.

There is significant bias in the survey due to the ages of the respondents (a 12 year old is not going to be able to report back what happened 32 years ago), and there is recall bias (you are more likely to recall things that happened more recently). This tends to exaggerate the differences.

But that’s against all 70 vaccines combined. Compared to the average vaccine, the COVID vaccines are less than 70*446 times deadlier… less than 31,220 times more deadly than the “average” vaccine.

That’s not surprising at all actually. Say the average vaccine appears to kill 10 people per year. This would suggest that the COVID vaccines might kill 310,000 people per year which is not far from our estimates of 12,000*41 = 492,000 where 12,000 is the number of domestic deaths in VAERS minus the background rate and 41 is the VAERS underreporting factor for serious events.

Also, VAERS shows that there have been more reports for these vaccines than for all vaccines in history combined. So this is not a surprising result. The beauty of the VAERS data is that it was captured contemporaneously.

I have a simple question…

If the COVID vaccines are safe and effective, how do you explain these results?

Next step

We will go to an outside independent survey firm to replicate these results. The results from the polling company will be subject to the same biases we mentioned above. We’ll be able to ask for their ages which will help though.

You can replicate the survey yourself, or see the ones others have done

Here are a few of the surveys on social media (click the images to view the survey):

Here is a list of other surveys all showing the same trend. They are all consistent. Can that happen by chance 22 times in a row? Possible, but pretty unlikely.