The NIH Now Knows That the C0VID Vaxxines Can Cause Death 1 Year From the Vaxxination Date

By Steve Kirsch

A 61-year-old man got 1 dose of a COVID vaccine and developed severe neuropathy within days. The neuropathy continued for a year until he died of a stroke and massive blood clots. The NIH knows.

Just as a matter of public record, I wanted to point out that Dr. Avindra Nath, who was taking care of the vaccine injured at NIH, now knows of a vaccine-injured man who died a year after a single dose of COVID vaccine. The coroner confirmed the vaccine caused the death. This man was perfectly healthy before the vaccine and his health changed just days later with symptoms consistent with vaccine injured. The blood clots in the autopsy are unique to COVID vaccine recipients and not seen in prior years.

Will the NIH alert the public of this? Of course not. The NIH still hasn’t acknowledged that vaccine-injured people exist. Admitting that they know of a vaccine-injured man who died a year after a single shot would be a stretch for them.

But just because they won’t admit it, it doesn’t stop me from letting you know that they know.

The bottom line is this: the “death window” for the vaccine isn’t days or weeks; it’s at least a year and possibly more. So just because you got your vaccine and are still alive 3 months later, it does not mean that you’re out of the woods.