VSRF Call This Week: The Vaxxine Injured

By Steve Kirsch

A healthy 6 year old gets the vax and still can’t leave the hospital 2 months later. Apparently, the physicians oath to “do no harm” has been rescinded.

In this week’s VSRF call, we focus on the vaccine injured.

Is the vax dangerous for kids?

Check out this VSRF produced video: IS the COVID Vaccine Dangerous For Kids?


The COVID vaccines have killed more people than they’ve saved. The risk benefit ratio is even worse for kids. Kids are around 100 times more likely to be injured than “saved.”

Milo Edberg is one of the statistics.

This is a picture of Milo before he got vaccinated:

This is Milo just days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine on on Dec 10th 2021:

He was admitted to Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minnesota, where he was intubated and diagnosed with myocarditis. He remained intubated for a month and a half and is still in the hospital nearly two months later.

Watch this video:
Milo Edberg, Aged 6 – Pfizer Severe Adverse Reaction – No More Silence – Telling Our Stories


On this week’s call, we’re going to be talking with Milo’s mom, Carrie Peterson-Edberg, a registered nurse (RN).

Have you ever wondered…

Why is there a one size fits all mandate for COVID vaccines when the COVID risks are nearly 10,000 times higher for older people?

Two more vaccine injured on the call

Also on the call are Shawn Vidiella and Angelia Desselle, who will share their stories and what every-day life is like for them since they were injured by the COVID vaccines.


How do these doctors live with themselves?

They just think it is “bad luck” because the clinical trials and VAERS show no safety signals (which is not true, but that’s what they believe).

So they believe the vaccine is more beneficial than harmful. Therefore, people like me and others must be promoting misinformation. Nobody actually looks at the VAERS data, for example. They trust that if there was a safety signal, the CDC would be all over it. So all of us opposing the vaccines are not credible. And all these injury cases are simply anecdotes and they will repeat the phrase “anecdotes are not data.”