Why Isn’t Deion Sanders Telling Us How He Eliminated the Vaxxine as a Possible Cause of His Foot Amputations?

By Steve Kirsch

Deion Sanders said he has a family history of blood clots. OK, so why did his multiple foot amputations all happen after he was vaccinated, and not before?

Check out this excellent article:

I find it interesting that his troubles with amputations happened shortly after he was vaccinated, rather than before.

He’s 54 years old and claims to have a family history of blood clots. So he went 54 years without a problem and now, after getting vaccinated, has multiple amputations?!? Color me skeptical.

We know that the vaccine causes blood clots and amputations like this woman (a story I read in July):

How does Deion know that the vaccine is perfectly safe, that the vaccine wasn’t the cause of this woman losing her limbs, and how he knows it didn’t happen to him too?

A message to Deion to end the debate

Deion: We really want to believe you.

Why not tell us:

  1. How the woman above lost her limbs two after the jab. If it wasn’t the jab, what caused her to lose her limbs? Clearly, you must have researched this and know the true cause otherwise you wouldn’t be promoting the vaccine. Why not tell us the true cause in that case?
  2. How did you eliminate the vaccine as a possible cause of your problems?

We really want to know. You want people to believe you when you encourage them to get the jab, don’t you?