The #1 Most Important Thing You Can Do to STOP the C0VID Insanity

By Steve Kirsch

We need to ensure that Senator Ron Johnson is reelected and that the Republicans control the Senate so that Johnson can hold the CDC, FDA, and NIH accountable for their actions.

Dr. Malone has a detailed writeup on Senator Johnson, so I’m going to make my appeal short and sweet.

Senator Johnson is awesome. We need to re-elect him.

Senator Johnson is our single best hope of stopping the insanity. NOBODY else in Congress comes close. He is the only guy in Congress that gives a damn about the vaccine injured. The rest are in complete denial that the vaccine could hurt anyone.

He needs to be re-elected and the Republicans need to take control of the Senate. Then we have a good chance to stop the vaccines and end the insanity.

Please give generously to Ron’s campaign. This is the single most important thing you can do. Period. Full stop.

My wife and I are both Democrats but we both are maxing out to his campaign ($5,800 each since it is $2,900 for the primary and $2,900 for the general).

I consider this to be the most important donation in my life.

Everyone reading this in the US, please donate now

Please use this donation link to make your contribution so we can track our success in raising funds for Senator Johnson.

Note: You can only donate if you live here. Foreign donations aren’t allowed.

If everyone reading this makes a $50 donation, that will raise millions for Senator Johnson. If you can give more, please do because not everyone will give.

The maximum donation per person is $5,800 (one for the primary, the other for the general) and you can make it all at once. So a husband and wife team can give up to $11,600. My wife and I gave the maximum.

If you donate $500 or more, you’ll be invited to an exclusive zoom call with the Senator on April 26 at 7:30pm EST

If you use the link and donate $500 or more, you’ll be invited to an exclusive 1-hour Zoom call with the Senator on April 26, 2022 at 7:30pm EST where you’ll be able to personally interact with and ask questions or make comments. This is available to my followers only and you must use the link to qualify.


If you have reservations about Republicans or politics in general, here’s a comment from one of my readers that may help. The point is there are no perfect solutions that will please everyone but Senator Johnson has done more for our cause than anyone else in Congress:

All true, no doubt, and the Republicans deserve no trust, least of all Trump, but maybe Ron Johnson does deserve support for the upcoming election, even from Democrats and even if only pragmatically, for having organized his “Second Opinion” hearings. Just doing this (nobody else did in Congress) justifies support, given the seriousness of the vaccine issue, and, if reelected, hopefully he will persevere on this path. As for the Democratic Party, maybe they will become electable again in the distant future when they have cleaned house (a new leadership) and got their priorities right.

Another reader wrote:

I trust very few political leaders today. That being said, Senator Johnson has been one of the few that has been right about the vaccines…from the beginning. He is not a late comer to the truth.

The other interesting piece of evidence is that since I’m on the Democrats email list, I know who they are targeting and Ron Johnson is the Republican they most want to defeat because he is the greatest risk to them of exposing the false narrative they created.