A Typical Strategy of the Globalists is to Make It Look Like Most are Supporting Them, When Most Real Australians have no Intention of Voting Yes, Let Alone be Deceived Again, After the Bs19 Vaccine Fraud

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

A typical strategy of the Globalists is to make it look like most are supporting them when most real Australians have no intention of voting Yes, let alone be deceived again, after the Bs19 vaccine fraud.

Australian National Review
Independent Media supporting Australians’ right to say no, without being labeled racist.

A referendum to vote on such an issue is not just racist, but divisive. It should be abandoned, not forced upon Australians. But they are busy planning to rig it for the dodgy Yes vote. Soro’s funds how many Australian activist groups like Get Up. He loves the looney left as they are the easiest to fool

Left-wing media like deep state-funded Guardian is trying to say the Yes vote is winning despite right-wing polls and independent polls showing clearly the No vote is extremely high.

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