ANR Founder Says He Is Offering a $1 Million Reward to Anyone on the Planet That Can Prove c0vid Exists Other Then a Rebrand of the Magically Disappearing Flu

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder says he is offering a $1 million reward to anyone on the planet that can prove Covid exists other than a rebrand of the magically disappearing flu, is responsible for the 5 million deaths claimed, the PCR test kit can accurately detect Covid and all the cases of Covid claimed are actually Covid not Covid vaccine adverse reactions, and the current claimed Covid deaths are actually Covid deaths, not Covid vaccine deaths, and Gates and Fauci aren’t involved in wide-scale vaccine fraud that caused deaths to hundreds of thousands and soon millions,& injuries to tens of millions soon billions.
I’m sick of people still believing in the Covid fraud after it’s so obvious by now it was a planned setup & a complete fraud that’s made hundreds of billions in vaccine sales & increased Gates’s net worth by $20 billion. ( which he is about to launder through his money laundering Foundation.

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