ANR Founder Says “Maria Zee, Reports of up to 300 a Day Dying in Australia of C0vid – Translated It Means 300 a Day Dying of the C0VID Vaxxine

By Staff Reporter

ANR Founder says “Maria Zee, Reports of up to 300 a day dying in Australia of Covid – translated it means 300 a day dying of the Covid vaccine

As vaccines are deadly and proven so, whereas Covid is a rebranding of the magically disappearing flu for the last 2 years, and we were told if we took the vaccine you would not get Covid or transmit it.
So they can’t have it both ways.
If the vaccines are safe and effective than no one could be dying of Covid now, can they ?
They are dying from the never safe, never effective vaccines and never necessary.

And none of this was inadvertent, but clearly deliberate.

Foolish politicians and others in society who are so arrogant and ignorant are going down, and they have only themselves to blame.
If you don’t know how the world works and are ignorant, or mentally lazy or simply don’t care. Well, there is a deadly price to pay for that,” he went on to say.

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