Australia Wins Again. One of the Most Vaxxed Nations with Bs19 Lethal Weapons of Mass Destruction

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Australia wins again. One of the most vaxxed nations with Bs19, lethal weapons of mass destruction. One of the highest excess death rates since the rollout of the “safe, effective and apparently necessary depopulation experimental drug for a rebranded flu that caused fewer deaths (906) than a normal flu year of 1500 approx.

And here is $1 million, that if we independently investigated the 906 claimed deaths that actually died of Bs19, it would be under 10% of the 906, actually under 5% heading close to 0%. They invent deaths and cases from Bs19 with massive fraudulent payments to hospitals to list anyone dying as dying of Bs19 and hide the deaths and injuries from the depopulation injection ($1 million if anyone can prove it’s a population-increasing injection)

Who needs enemies with a Globalist shill Government like Australia?

#diesuddenly Australians or big daddy Govt get angry

Australian National Review
Media that didn’t take millions in Govt and Gates funding to murder Aussies and were censored and targeted as a result
Support media that supports you.….yre21/status/1684016

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