Australian National Review Founder, Jamie McIntyre’s Prediction That They Would Use Falsified or Over-Hyped Cattle Viruses Such as “Foot and Mouth Disease“ as a Pretence to Cause Foot Shortages and Slaughters Farmers Herds Appear to Be Well Founded

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

Australian National Review Founder, Jamie McIntyre’s prediction that they would use falsified or overhyped cattle viruses such as “ foot and mouth disease “ as a pretense to cause foot shortages and slaughters farmers’ herds appear to be well founded.

He did a video weeks ago warning farmers that this was likely to happen as part of Bill Gates and the Great Reset Climate Change agenda to destroy beef farming and food supplies to usher in Global Communism.

McIntyre went on as far as to say “farmers should stock up on extra ammunition and guns to protect their herds and farmers are key to growing a huge revolution Globally as seen already with the Dutch farmers.

No farmers no Food.
No cheap energy no civilisation
That’s why the Climate change zealots are after them, “he said

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