BREAKING: Seven MPs Request Comprehensive Data Transparency from the UK ONS


They want the UK ONS is to produce a detailed time-series cohort analysis like they should have done 3 years ago. The request was validated by UK Professors Norman Fenton and Carl Heneghan.

First page of the letter requesting the UK ONS publish a comprehensive time-series cohort analysis of the COVID vaccine data since 2021 on a per week bucket basis

Executive summary

Epic news today! I have been waiting 3 years for this to happen and it finally did!

Did you know that there are at least 7 Members of Parliament who are honest and want to know the truth? There will be more later for sure after the finger pointing starts, but 7 is a good start until then.

The seven Members of Parliament have sent a letter to the head of the UK ONS requesting that they publish a comprehensive time-series cohort analysis of the UK data (weekly buckets for 152 weeks starting in Jan 2021).

If the ONS refuses the request, then the MPs will be able to shift the blame for this crisis squarely on the ONS. And all MPs will then pile on later I predict since nobody wants not to have a chair when the music stops.

If the ONS complies with the request, then we will have the evidence needed to go after other agencies. It will end the debate as to whether the shots were safe, and begin the debate on who is to blame and how to hold them accountable.

The truth will be out and the public wins.

Read the letter here

Here is the full 3-page letter from 7 MPs to the head of the UK ONS Professor Sir Ian Diamond.

These 7 members remind me of the courageous heroes of this movie classic:

UK subways always have a way out. The UK ONS? Well, not so much.

There is no credible way that the ONS can refuse this request because it has been validated as both scientifically sound and protective of people’s privacy by two of the most prominent data experts in the UK: Professors Carl Heneghan and Norman Fenton.

They cannot make up a story about people’s privacy. I released equivalent data from New Zealand.

If the UK thinks someone’s privacy would be at risk, they can use my New Zealand data drop to prove it by identifying the PII that was exposed from the time-series cohort data run.

Even Te Whatu Ora (the New Zealand authority) cannot do that. So the UK ONS won’t be able to do it either. So their excuses are just that: lame excuses to get out of doing the right thing.

Many times I have asked Te Whatu Ora CEO Margie Apa and their corrupt attorneys led by Richard Berkhan at Clyde & Co in Australia to identify the PII I am supposedly breaching on my site. Nothing from them. Zero. Silence. The NZ Herald never reports about that for some reason; if all these people were irreparably harmed, why aren’t they referencing any records that need to be removed?


UK MP Andrew Bridgen is a hero for pulling this off. If you want to donate to his campaign to be re-elected, see this post. If you are in the US, you cannot donate over $500 per year to his campaign. His site will be up tomorrow (too many donations today).

If the UK ONS is smart, they will comply with the request.

If the UK ONS wants to tacitly admit to the UK public that they are working for big pharma, refusing the request is a good way to accomplish that.

The choice is theirs.