Flashback: Trump Recommends ‘Fast Trial, Death Penalty’ for Pedophiles


Back in 2012, President Trump called for ‘perverts’ who hurt kids to be put to death after a speedy trial.

Using his legendary Twitter account, President Trump issued a call in 2012 for child-trafficking “perverts” to receive the death penalty – a stance that’s receiving broad support from millions of Americans who are weathering government and media-sponsored efforts to normalize pedophilia.

“Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts,” Trump tweeted on October 8th, 2012. “Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.”

The 2012 tweet from future President Trump foreshadowed a term in office that saw historic efforts be undertaken to combat human/child trafficking and abuse.

As President, Trump approved the largest anti-human trafficking grant package in US history and doubled funding for the DOJ’s anti-trafficking operations and prosecutions. He also signed anti-trafficking agreements with El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, three nations that have been ravaged by the massive trafficking industry that thrives thanks to America’s porous southern border.

Trump’s old tweet is receiving renewed appreciation, nearly 11 years later, as national and global awareness of the prevalence of child trafficking and abuse soars to new heights.

This week, the number 1 movie in America is Sound of Freedom, a film about rescuing children from the hands of child sex traffickers.

Amazingly, despite the film’s box office success and the real-life relevance of its plot, corporate media outlets have begun waging an anti-Sound of Freedom campaign, writing poor reviews of the film en masse while trying to de-legitimize it by linking it to the Q-Anon conspiracy theory.

The corporate media, it would appear, is working to protect child traffickers and stop stories of their depravity from coming to light.

Despite the media’s efforts, Sound of Freedom has been a massive hit, grossing more than $14 million at the box office on the day of its release and bringing in millions more in the following days, shattering expectations.

Original source: https://nationalfile.com/flashback-trump-recommends-fast-trial-death-penalty-for-pedophiles/