Former CDC Head Dr. Redfield Warns NEXT Plandemic Will be far WORSE than Covid

By Health Ranger Report

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Just because we listen to you, and I have been for years, does not mean we have the funds or resources to “make it” through this. Many of us will not, no matter how much we prepare, because of the nature of and how serious this situation is. I seriously doubt that it is only the “mindless masses” who will not make it. It is going to be an extremely hard struggle for ALL of us, and “preparing” is not a guarantee of survival.

Grant Shepherd
Maybe he knows something like the fact the USA has plenty of bioweapon labs to destroy peace, prosperity, life and freedoms just like former NIAID Director Fauci the sickle.

The Chinese Virus was a fraud and a hoax. It was nothing more than a different strain of the Common Ordinary Flu that occurs every year. The Ordinary Flu disappeared for the last two years. Ask yourselves why??? The death rate for the Chinese Virus was LOWER than the Ordinary Flu!!! Don’t be fooled when the next fraud/hoax/scam Virus is foisted upon the World. We were all hoodwinked by Government and the Medical Establishment.

And the MRNA tech that they are now adding to our food supply with no mention of it on food labels…. and the MRAN TECH they are spraying in our atmosphere as to make no produce safe because it falls to the Earth gets on your plants gets in the soil gets in your plants and not to mention our water and it leeches into the aquifers so no real water supply is safe.
These fokes that are trying to whip us off this planet need to … (fill in the blank)… as much as I would love to fill it myself, it’s not my decision, but they need to come forth and admit what they have done and provide to all they have hurt the sick and the families that lost their family members due to a bioweapon they created and forcefully required the mass public to take ! SHAME UPON YOU FOR YOU ARE NOT GOD ! only God should have the power to decide when it’s somebody’s time not evil men and women that serve Satan/God’s fallen angel… cast out because he thought he was bigger and better and greater than God.

You never mention iodine ( kelp.) to protect your glands against radiation 5G or nuclear fallout. It is not produced naturally by the body but taken from vegies like spinach and dark green vegies or via supplements. I have been taking it for years but only twice a week or if I don’t have enough dark green vegies in my diet.Still a very important supplement in these days and times.

I thought that Mullis stated that HIV was a disease of people who were already compromised immune wise. I think that this is more for motivating FEAR than anything, but you are correct that the jabbed and those who will continue to be jabbed will definitely get AIDS or die.

Bead Happy
THANKS for not getting hooked in the semantics of terrain, virus, not virus which while the scientist in me is interested in clarifying and exploring these issues, the practical part of me has been couching it as you have here: identifying the sides people take, unifying us where we can agree (as in “YUP something ***something*** is happening) and moving past it for now to explore and solve the immediacy of this situation.

After everything I personally have been through the last 5 years, I’m starting to agree with the elites. Way too many useless eaters all over the place. Time to cull the human race. I won’t mind being one of the 500,000,000 servants left. I’ll bet its a better life than what 90% of us have today.


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