James Roguski Joins Maria Zeee to Expose the UN’s “Political Declaration” Which Seeks to Make Previous Temporary COVID Measures PERMANENT

James Roguski joins Maria Zeee to expose the UN’s “Political Declaration” which seeks to make previous temporary COVID measures PERMANENT which will include permanent surveillance, injections, and mandates, declaring their one world government with the UN at the helm.

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Uncensored: UN To Declare “PERMANENT COVID MEASURES” This Month!!!

James Roguski joins Maria Zeee to expose the UN’s “Political Declaration” which seeks to make previous temporary COVID measures PERMANENT which will include permanent surveillance, injections, and mandates, declaring their one world government with the UN at the helm


Here’s what others had to say:

Screw the WHO,CDC,Bill Gates and the whole lot of them!

These people are causing these plandemics they have no rights to give us any orders!

Absolutely not…anyone trying to inject me will get an unforgettable awakening…

Anarchy, say NO to governments, doctors, nurses, pharmacists. Don’t pay bills yes services will be cut off but remember, companies need the people to actually run. SAY NO nd FIGHT.

Unfortunately none of this is primarily the fault of the psychopaths pulling the strings: Its the fault of a materialistic, dumbed down, non caring public.
The covid scam would have lasted a day if not for the happy sheep. Those of us here, that see thru the TV created matrix, can’t stop this ourselves; we don’t have the numbers, and it might already be too late.
I don’t want to be negative but, it seems we are all just stuck in echo chambers at this point- How the h*** can we wake people up? Nothing I’ve tried worked, no one cares. Not a single person I know in real life gives half a crap about any of this.
So….. What do we do? Does anyone have a way that worked in waking up those around you?

Our Constitutional Rights do not end with someone declaring they end! Not even a Pres EO would affect us…the rest of the world can bow to the mental illness of the rich and bored! WE DONT HAVE TO COMPLY!!!

The UN can declare what ever it wants and the citizens of the USA can do what the Taliban from Afganistan did, tell them to f**k off

ive never voted for anybody in the UN or the WHO or the CDC so i for 1 will not comply with anything they put forth

How many “globe” toys do you have behind you James? You are still into your cartoon?
The bottom line is that the antichrist is about to show up and he will force everyone to take the mark of the beast and that is the “”quantum dot digital tattoo”” called -luciferase-. Do NOT take it if you get left behind during the seven year tribulation period. Instead, die for your faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. You will have to get your head cut off for your faith in Jesus Christ. Lost souls, the Church Age of Grace is coming to a close. The next timeline is horrific. Please do not get left behind because all hell is about to break loose.
Just remember that recompense of sin, requires a life – Jesus Christ OR yours. Jesus Christ died for all mankind, have you believed in what He Did for you? The gospel (good news) is found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, it’s the only gospel that SAVES lost souls when you BELIEVE truly from your heart in what Jesus Christ Did on the cross at Calvary. BELIEVE and receive your free gift of salvation today before it’s too late for your souls. Jesus Christ is on His way for His soon to be Bride. Praise God Almighty!

The UN does not have the authority to impose “Permanent COVID Measures” on the USA or the world, for that matter. We are a sovereign and independent country (similar to other member countries of the UN) with a CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS like no other, functioning government (with 3 co-equal branches) & private institutions, laws & justice system, the strongest military in the world so far, and the number one economy in the world that the UN intends to rule over without a fight? Who do they think they are? WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER our FREEDOM and our way of life, especially how we take care of our health issues, to unelected bureaucrats of any organization local or international. The UN and its co-conspirators WEF, WHO, and the Nazi World Order Globalist Elites are trying to impose their dystopia One World Government controlled by them where “people will not own anything but they will be happy” according to Klaus Schwab of the WEF. THESE PEOPLE ARE REALLY SICK AND EVIL. THEY SHOULD BE REJECTED AND CONDEMNED BY THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD!

WE did not elect nor appoint the United Nations as a head of state or government, nor to write a 14-page document dictating every marching order of our lives! WTF!!!!!

A UN Security team has taken over at our local County Commission buildings here in South Florida! Everyone should start attending their County Comm meetings.

Please get right with Jesus. Life is short maniacs are everywhere in places of power. 9 If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved. 10 For it is by our faith that we are put right with God; it is by our confession that we are saved. Romans 10:9-10 https://www.jesusfilm.org/watch/jesus.html/english.html God will give us justice. Even if those maniac power hungry nuts try to live forever with transhumanist technology eventually they will kick the bucket and God will be waiting for them. Justice will be served. Be on God’s good side please, rather than in the flames next to a pedo politician…. Heaven and hell are real places.