Pfizer Australia has Publicly Endorsed a “Yes” for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Albo is pushing for the Indigenous Voice Governing Body to be set up, as a front for them to steal sovereignty land and natural resources by way of installing their own indigenous representatives. Think of it as the TGA for the Indigenous communities.

Guess who will benefit from a Yes vote?

“Pfizer Australia has publicly endorsed a “yes” for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.”

Pfizer Backs Indigenous Voice to Parliament Amid Controversy

The pharmaceutical giant’s endorsement sparks heated debate on social media.

Pfizer Australia has publicly endorsed a “yes” for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

The drug company responsible for Covid-19 vaccines released a statement on Twitter last night saying:

“Pfizer Australia supports the Voice to Parliament, underpinned by constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First People of Australia.

“We believe the Voice will enable better health outcomes for First Nations communities in

Australia and provide a route to help inform policy decisions that impact their lives.

“Reconciliation helps to address the most significant disparity in Australia’s population: the health and wellbeing of First Nations peoples.”

The announcement was met with derision on Twitter, with one user describing the Pfizer endorsement as “an own goal”.

Promoting the health of First Nation’s people after releasing a vaccine that neither stopped people contracting or spreading the Covid virus was hardly a ringing endorsement, some commenters noted.

Others accused the pharmaceutical company of supporting the Voice as thanks to the Australian government for spending so much money on their product.

“After the amount of money the Australian government gave to Pfizer of course they do!” wrote one person.

Another opined: “I would be less inclined to vote yes with Pfizer jumping on the bandwagon.”