The Australian National Review Founder Says “Its Dangerous to Go to Hospital for Even Minor Issues”

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

The Australian National Review Founder says “it’s dangerous to go to a hospital for even minor issues, as the Western Hospital system has been financially incentivised by Gates and Fauci and co, to murder you and your loved ones with a deadly medical protocol to treat Covid – as a falsified fraudulent pandemic needs all the more people to claim as Covid deaths, to boost falling vaccine sales.

Fall off a bicycle – go to hospital – the hospital is incentivised to
1. Test you for Covid, and they will.
2. Record you as having Covid, and highly likely you will.
3. To give you a deadly banned former Ebola drug, that Gates and Fauci had fraudulently approved as a Covid drug. It will kill a healthy person in 6-10 days, known as Remdesvir or “end of life is near”.
4. Put you on a ventilator, which 88% of patients in New York that were, died.
5 . Then list you as a Covid death, and collect the big bucks – $39,000 USD in the US, $54,000 in AUD

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