To Fall for Vaccine Propaganda or Worse Hate on Those Smart Enough to Not be Pro Dodgy Vaxx Spruikers, Just Shows How Deep the TV Programming of a Lifetime Goes

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

To fall for vaccine propaganda or worse hate on those smart enough to not be pro dodgy vaxx spruikers, just shows how deep the tv programming of a lifetime goes.

You can be ignorant, as we all are at times, but to be arrogant and ignorant is a death sentence these days. You’ll allow loved ones and yourself, to be injected with a known bio weapon for a falsified pandemic, and even support mass genocide of innocent men, women and children and babies based on lies.

#CeasefireForGazaNOW #DiedSuddenly
Murder by the same criminal cabal creating falsified threats to scare you into doing something you never normally agree to.

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