WATCH: World Economic Forum “Agenda Contributor”, Mariana Mazzucato: Our Attempt to Vaccinate the Entire Planet Failed, “Climate Change” is “Too Abstract” For People to Understand, But the Coming Water Crisis is Something That Everyone Will Get on Board With

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

WATCH: World Economic Forum “agenda contributor”, Mariana Mazzucato: Our attempt to vaccinate the entire planet failed, “climate change” is “too abstract” for people to understand, but the coming water crisis is something that everyone will get on board with.

Mmm so if they of succeeded in vaccinating the entire planet they would have succeeded in killing more innocent humans, caused more miscarriages, compromised more immune systems, and destroyed more public health, but made billions and destroyed more lives.

It’s Global Citizens to ensure NGO cults like the WEF are stopped and eliminated from the planet

We helped fund the Global Economic Forum, to be an alternative to the WEF and one that’s a force for good not a force for greed and evil, like the WEF elitist satanic cult, and its looney leftist devotees, who don’t know if they are a man or woman, and if killing newborn babies is murder, only Black Lives Matter and only a select few should have a Voice.

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