Australian Farmers Herds Being Murdered by Unnecessary Forced Vaccination

By PIN Australia

A friend informed me today that her neighbor, a dairy farmer, is now forced to vaccinate her herd with an mRNA vaccine! (NSW)

She complied and of the 200 head of cattle, 35 died instantly! I would sue the DPI

The farmer said it is mandatory for all dairy farms to have their herd jabbed with this mRNA vaccine. Am not yet sure if that’s for NSW or across Australia, but will investigate immediately


Dairy herd DNA is altered.

Milk is altered and you CONSUME IT!
Butter constitution, yoghurt, cheese is altered

MEAT is altered

Will chicken and other meats be next?

Time to grow your own folks, and maybe develop herds that are private, none tagged, and never vaccinated.

Time to set up a community farm association with member – farmers who are not part of the system, have herds – animals that are not jabbed or tagged so a community of private people can be consumers of organic produced livestock.

It’s time to fend for ourselves as an organised community.
Watch this space.
You might want to onsend this message to warn your database too.

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