Bill Gates Says the Death of a Child from Not Being Vaccinated is Tragic, So He Wants Every Child to be Vaccinated in the World to Kill Millions More

By Ivanka Trump

Bill Gates Urges More Vaccines in “Why Do Children Die” Vid.

The Microsoft co-founder stated the solution to childhood death is to vaccinate “all the children in the world” in the video published on Tuesday – adding “the death of a child is a tragedy – for the family, for the world”.

He encouraged the creation of new vaccines to treat infectious diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria – which make up 82% of deaths amongst the young worldwide.

The video comes as he was prompted to respond to a claim by an Indian man that his daughter died as a result of the Gates-manufactured jab Covishield – following days of headaches, vomiting and bleeding on the brain.

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