C0vid Prevention & Treatment Protocols Developed by Doctors (With Real Life Experience Successfully Treating C0vid) From the FLCCC

By Craig Kelly

Here’s a link to the Covid prevention & treatment protocols developed by doctors (with real life experience successfully treating Covid) from the FLCCC.


Stooges & spivs of Big Pharma, Government health Bureaucrats, Labor/Liberal/Green politicians and the brainwashed don’t want Australians to know about this, because it would be an admission that they’ve acted to deny sick & dying people access to life-saving medicines.

So they’d rather cover up their malfeasance & watch more Aussies be hospitalised & die than admit they were wrong by providing this information.

And with the experimental vaccines having failed, they are doubling down calling for people to injected again & again, & lying to build pressure for the return of farcical & superstitious mask mandates.

I should add – always consult your own doctor – but Australian doctors are being bullied, threatened & intimidated by thuggish government bureaucrats into silence.

Original Source: https://t.me/craigkelly/2466