COURAGEOUS VOICES Leslie Manookian and Kendall Nelson Speak Out About Vaccine CRIMES Against Humanity

By Health Ranger Report

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Steve Berkey
This is one of the best interviews you have done Mike!!!!! GOD Bless these wonderful Patriot woman! WOW!!!

Down to Earth Thinking
Excellent interview and info from these very brave and courageous women ! But we still have many ignorant people who can and will harm all of us if we let them do so ! All who took the vax and boosters can now shed and we still have all the same psychopaths and maniacs running our gov and all the agencies ?
You must be smarter than them to survive !

Trump said he opposes the MANDATES.
He does NOT say he opposes the vaxxines.
Because of VAXXINE SHEDDING even the UN-vaxxed are infected now! The UN-vaxxed are now exhibiting the same symptoms of deadly clots, corrupted blood, and self-assembling nanotechnology that the vaxxed have, and the rates of vaxxine/vaxxine-shedding caused DEATHS are now soaring even among the UN-vaxxed.
Genocidal vaxxines pose the greatest threat ever to the human population.

Sharon Hansen
When the Covid shots came out, I decided not to get the vaccine since I was never around other people. My in-laws were ALL in to get the vaccine. They wanted to have a baby shower for an unmarried family member. I was asked to get the shots before the shower. I told them I would rather not come to the shower than get the vaccine. They didn’t like me anyway, so I was grateful to have a good excuse not to come. They never spoke to me again. My then husband never got a shot for anything if he didn’t have to because he lost consciousness when he got a shot. I saw it happen to him and had I not been with him before a minor surgical procedure, he would not have had a witness to call the nurse to help me get his head down and wake him up. Now, I will never get any shot for anything. My odds of staying alive are far better never getting any shots ever.

Daniel Barrett
Wow… I applaud these courageous women!

Alamo Guy
If only Pfizer had tested their first batch of shots on 20 blind mice, like they did the current modRNA “Emergency Authorization Fall 2023”.


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